toronto web design servicesHere we would like to mention the common mistakes that people make when they are trying to choose the website design services, servers, domains etc. Try to read all these points carefully and you will get a better understanding of what is RIGHT for you:

Firstly, NEVER hire a person/company that tells you that they can buy you the Domain name and Webspace/hosting from local servers. Even if you end up choosing one, then make sure that you have full access to the login information for your domain name and webspace/hosting. We have seen numerous cases where Person A/Company A bought the Domain names on behalf of the customer and never provided the access. Once the website was up and running and booming with lots of visitor traffic – Person A/Company A came back saying “Are you interested to buy your domain name from us?” technically its a fraud. So, have full ownership of your domain name, Hosting, Emails. To avoid- You can do so by setting up free account with

Secondly, while choosing which company or person is best for your website design – try to do your own research before hiring someone. See what all companies the person/company is associated with… Check out their portfolios. Talk to them! Don’t get fooled by cheap price offers. It is important to understand the fact that having a website means nothing unless there are visitors who are interested to visit your web pages. Millions of websites are launched everyday on the internet and your website should be able to top search engine listings, otherwise – its better not to have one!  It takes time, efforts and money to build a website. So make sure that your website is done properly so that you can receive a lot of visitor traffic.

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