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There has been a lot of speculations regarding what will be Google’s next search algorithm update and the answer seems to vary from killing non-mobile friendly website to fixing the search typos for brands and focus on e-commerce websites. We at VOOFA bring you the top updated news on what is Google’s next move.

For over the past 6 months, we have seen a gradual disappearance and lowering of rank for non-mobile friendly websites. For most of the part, websites that were not compatible with cell phones and were not able to fit into different screen sizes got affected by this slow but gradual algorithm change that Google has been trying to make. The reason why Google is trying to kill such old fashioned non responsive website is to enhance user experience on their search engine.

It is obvious that when 87% of the customers are looking for your products and services via their cell phones and tablets then it becomes important for Google to consider only responsive website.

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Good Cheap Fast Web Services? Business Fundamentals – Sales Tactics

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Today we are giving out a quick sales lesson:

If you are an entrepreneur or you are a business owner, you might have met a lot of customers asking for GOOD-CHEAP-FAST services.  With more competition in the market, it is difficult to fine tune the sales process to deliver what the customers usually asks for. Therefore, we came up with something that works as a formula to server your customers in a better way:

At VOOFA we offer only 3 kind of services. GOOD-CHEAP-FAST, but you can pick only 2 from the following:


Based on our formula, let your customer choose what they think is right to do business with you. This is a quick filtration process to save your time and energy dealing with customers who are never gonna buy anyways.

A similar process can be integrated in your website technically so that you get customer who are ready to buy. At VOOFA, we are not website designers, we are software engineers who develop systems for you. System that can be operated online opening up multiple streams of revenue. Talk to our internet marketing experts today and get started online. Email us to learn more about our upcoming internet marketing training events and courses:

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“BEST” is an over rated word when it comes to web development and with the huge competition among the major web design players in Toronto, VOOFA – Web Services stands out with the quality of web design and call to action functionality that produces results. Every website that we build is well tested by our internet marketing experts and monitored for coding updates.

We Use WordPress

We use advanced CMS – Content Management System from open source like WordPress that is currently being used by 48% of the websites online. By integrating the power of WordPress, we design custom websites that are compatible with Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and HD TV’s.

Google Optimization Guidelines

At VOOFA we follow the Google guidelines for effective search engine optimization boosting your website from a millionth rank to the first 5 page ranking. Your online success depends a lot on the amount of traffic your website receives as well as the number of clicks and conversions that results in ultimate sales. We understand your online needs and therefore uses the master tools from Google to monetize your online presence.

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