Daily Deals: Website for Small Business Owners and New Entrepreneurs

Toronto Affordable Web Design Cheap DesignerIf you are a small business owner or a new entrepreneur and you are looking to increase sales online, then we have some deals for you! But before we get into the details, we just want to make sure that you as a small business owner and an entrepreneur understand that how important marketing is for any business and like most people with limited knowledge will call marketing as an EXPENSE! which is certainly NOT true. Business marketing has been the life power of any business since the 1920’s when the big oil companies started their campaigns. Consider Marketing as an investment to get more customers. More customers means you will have more sales. So hope you get this idea and now let’s move forward with the deals: (more…)

Your Brand Logo, Your Brochure, Your Business Card & E-Brochure Design – Toronto | Mississauga | Brampton

Mississauga Cheap Flyer Logo Design MarkhamEver heard of BRANDING? Yep! we are talking about the face of your company. The one thing that makes an impact in your niche and gets into the head of your customer with strong impression. A great logo design is very much like a strong book title. We want to create that brand and logo design for you that speaks itself about what your business is all about. A strong brand will not only reflect your best talent, services and products but will be remembered forever! Please check out some of our work and if you like it.. give us a shout. (more…)

Toronto Flyer Design | Business Card | Brochures and Logo Brand

Toronto Cheap Flyer Design LogoWe are back with the best deals for our customers in Toronto – GTA. If you are looking for Logo Design, Flyer, Brochures, Presentations, eBooks, Business Cards, Booklets, Folder Designs and more, then don’t look any further. We got it all covered for you. With the lowest price and high quality design, we are offering the best graphic design deals. (more…)

The Ten Step Formula – Complete Internet Marketing Blueprint by Vivek Raj Shivhare

Toronto Top Internet Marketing Guru Vivek Raj Shivhare

Have you just started a new business, or may be you already have an existing business and you are starting to promote online – we can help! At VOOFA – Web Services, we believe that your knowledge about online marketing is as important as hiring someone to do the web design and marketing for you. If you have the right knowledge, a road map of what needs to be done in order to promote your business online – don’t you think it will be easier for you to manage the marketing process?

We have a solution that will keep no stone unturned. It is called the TEN STEP FORMULA, the first of its kind ebook which gives you the exact roadmap of how to gain more customers online. You will learn on where to start, what to do, what is important in marketing and especially what NOT to do. It includes a series of the most costly mistakes that people do when they first start their business online.

The ebook also tells you about the secret strategies that the top internet marketing experts use to promote their products and services online. Some of the specifics of the Ten Step Formula are – How should a website look like, its functionality, social media marketing – what to say and how to engage people, email marketing tactics, sales funnels, paid advertisements and more. Once you have read the Ten Step Formula, you will know everything that you always wanted to learn about online marketing.

Internet Marketing Expert Vivek Raj Shivhare reveals more about the Ten Step Formula in his interview with SIRIUSXM Satellite Radio, Canada Talks Channel 167 with Christine Bentley and Sharon Caddy. You can listen to this interview by visiting our media page.

Full Magazine Editing Design Pre Press For Print | Production Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Magazine Layout Design Cover Editing Pre Press

If you are a Content Management company that publishes regular magazines for businesses, music, sports, health etc. We can help!

We are one of the top graphic, content editing company in Toronto – GTA that can create all the design work necessary for printing. We do in-house pre-press production ready files that can go straight to print. Our content management team is always ready to provide you with fast designs for your advertisers ads, picture and text corrections, layout designs, cover designs, and formatting suitable for a complete magazine print. We have special pricing to match your design needs. Talk to us to get FREE Quote!

Cost Effective Design And Layouts

Our goal is to help you SAVE on your cost to design a perfect layout that resonates with your audience and therefore we offer great discounts. We will compete with any written quote and will still give the fast, elegant designs work in a very cost effective manner. Our designers understand that presentation is everything and content is the king, therefore we produce designs and layouts for magazines that entice your audience in an effective responsive manner – we add call to action throughout the magazine design that brings in more leads for your advertisers which in turn helps you retain more customers.

Cover Design & Layout Formatting

VOOFA is known for branding and management. We have created brands that are the face of more than 2000 companies across North America. Our cover designs for magazines are unique and the ads are responsive. The layout standards are elegant and column spacing are readable. We believe that a magazine should bring true value for the readers and should not be just a bunch of picture that people flip and take no action. In order to achieve this, we make sure that the design and layout for cover and each page is done properly to enhance the overall look and feel of the magazine. We want your readership to improve and as a matter of fact we have seen a minimum of 27% increase in sales just based on our designing model.

With our team of branding experts and graphic designers, we have the necessary experience and expertise to complete your project within your budget and timeline. Please feel free to contact us for Magazine Layout, Content Editing and Design. CLICK HERE!

Toronto Logo Design | Branding Management ON, Canada

toronto best logo designer

Are you starting a new business venture or are you reinventing the business that you had for years and now want to match with the current designs and marketing prospects? Well, none the less, you are in the right place.

At VOOFA Web Services, we offer great pricing for complete branding. A lot of times people wonder, why branding is so important and what it actually does for a business? The answer is simple – it catches the eye balls! When you put your logo out there in your business cards, brochures, website, billboards etc. your direct customers tend to see your logo and slowly start to recognize it as a brand. This is very similar to when you see the logo for CocaCola / Coke or Pepsi.

Logo Design for $275 Only/-

We have worked with over 200 brands that are being used by small to large size corporations in North America. Our pricing has been lowered from $1997 to $275 in order to help small businesses and entrepreneurs who are the life line of our economy. With our logo package you get 4 crispy, stylish designs to choose from. These designs are then refined by our branding experts and are finally created in different printable and web formats.

With our one of its kind virtual network, you get the best brains working on your designs from different part of North America, bringing a variety of flavors to your logo designs. Please check our success stories on how we have helped businesses to completely rebrand and create a new face of their company.

VOOFA Web Services also offers designs for flyers, business cards, brochures, ebook editing, presentations, posters, banners, web advertisements and more. If you like us to work on your project, please feel free to contact us!

Top Internet Marketing Guru featured on SiriusXm Satellite Radio | Canada Talks – Channel 167


As you know that VOOFA – Web Services had a very humble beginning. Now was the time to move to the next level and YES! we did it. Our founder, president – Vivek Raj Shivhare was featured on the top & biggest satellite radio SiriusXm, Canada Talks – Channel 167. He was interviewed by the host from What She Said – Kate Wheeler (one of Canada’s most respected television journalists, who began her multi award winning on air news career at CityTv in 1985) and Sharon Caddy (former host for CFPL, CTV News, CFTO).

In the interview Vivek shared his expertise and experience with web technologies. He gave tips on mistakes to avoid while getting started online and discusses various aspects of designing a great website that can bring results online. You can listen to this clip here:

If you like what we are offering please don’t forget to join our LIVE workshops to learn how to monetize your online presence.


Best Website Designing Company in Toronto – Give us a Try!


Best Website Designers in Toronto | Custom Websites

Toronto Website Design Ontario Canada

Well, 90% of the people searching for website designers are looking for experienced, creative, talented designers who are either well known in the web world or have outstanding credentials to support their portfolio. Not only that but you are looking for affordable website designer whom you can work one-on-one.

At VOOFA, we work with you on one-on-one basis, making sure that you understand every part of your web presence. Our team has the experience and credentials that you have been looking for… Check out our SUCCESS STORIES HERE

For over 2 decades of experience in Web Programming, Debugging, Coding in HTML, JAVA, Jquery, CSS, PHP and more, we have the potential to build as small as a few page website to as large as a multi-functionality CMS interface. Our designs are custom built and unique catering to your business and industry.


Unless your website works like a system, there is no use of having a website. We see a lot of business owners that hire designers with no idea about how to build a marketing strategy. Just by having a website does not mean that you will be successful in your business. Therefore, our expert branding and marketing managers are always ready to perform the due diligence on your industry, business and potential customers thereby building a solid web strategy for promotions online.

Call-to-Action, Responsive Website Design

Every website we design is unique and works on a well known but effective formula of call-to-action. All our websites works on Mobile phones, tablets, computer, TV’s, laptops and every other smart device. This way we help you reach maximum customers online.

Fast Delivery Timelines

VOOFA – Web Services has been known for its fastest delivery timelines. Known for one of the biggest virtual network of people bringing designs, coding and ideas together for your business. We are result oriented and keeps our performance levels high to help you succeed in business.

If you are serious about your business, talk to us today! Serious Inquiries only – info@voofa.ca


Website Design Frauds! BE AWARE!

website design richmond hill ontario

Today’s topic is Website Design Fraud. I receive a lot of emails and questions everyday surrounding the fraud in the web industry such as – people held hostage by companies overseas, domain and hosting frauds and various other black hat search engine optimization frauds. Let’s see how we can avoid such situations by making the right decision!

Key Components – Domain, Hosting, Website Design

First, it is important to understand the various components that are required to get started online. #1 is the domain name that is ofcourse the business name such as mycompanyname.com , or .net or .org etc. #2 is the hosting ie. your webspace or server, #3 is the website development.

WEB FRAUD – How it happens?

When any web company tells you that they are willing to buy the DOMAIN and HOSTING on their account on behalf of you… chances are, that you might get into troubles later on. The reason is that, anybody buying your Domain name and Web Hosting on behalf of you under their own account becomes the legal owner of that domain name, hosting and ultimately the website that will be further built on that server.

We hear about these kind of frauds almost everyday, where the fraudulent company/individual promised to take care of everything and once the project was complete and the customer’s online business was well established and flourishing – the fraudulent web company/individual web designer came back blackmailing the customer to buy their own website from them for a big sum of money.

Other FRAUD – Password & Security

The other fraud that we hear about is customers held hostage for their WordPress or other CMS login information including email passwords, restrictions to certain level of administrative authority over Google Analytics, Webmaster tool and CMS.

How to AVOID such situations?

Prevention is better than cure! Whenever getting a website designed by an individual or a company, make sure that you always buy your own domain name, hosting, and emails under your account with your credit card providing limited authority to the website designer. This way you protect your domain, hosting and emails right away as they are owned by you from the very first day. Then, choose the right website design company or designer who can understand exactly what your online goals are. Based on their expertise, experience, credentials, resume and online portfolio, cross check with their references and then proceed with your project.

Website design is like everything else, like when buying a used car… you want to make sure that everything works fine and you get the paperwork etc. done right. So, choose the right people and get started online. My best wishes are with you. If you want to talk with regards to your project with our internet marketing consultant, please feel free to email us at: info@voofa.ca


Web Design & Development Services – Any Business, Any Profession!

website design development designer woodbridge ontario canada

If you think that a mere presence on the worldwide web is an outdated approach of business growth, then you are 100% right! The reason is the amount of competition online and the increasing number of people that are nowusing the internet for buying and selling their products and services. 

We have designs website for Accountants, Lawyers, Construction, Real Estate, Tattoo Shop, Coffee Shop, Restaurants, Property Managers, Students, Insurance, Web Designers, Music and more. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with complete Web Design & Development solutions, to boost your business prospects for maximized return on investment

Website Design Formulation

With our aim to improve customer experience and provide customized & personalized services to individuals, small, medium and big businesses online – we have amended web development technology for its clients in a creditable manner that gives them the best results for their online presence.

We provide the best in class Web Design & Development services with result-oriented focus and ensure a quick turnaround time. We have a well-established track record and our services have always met with great customer satisfaction.

We work closely with every client to determine the requirements and then put together the right team to guide our clients for online success. The website we design works on smart devices. They are robust and can be changed to integrated extra features and unlimited gallery, pages and posts. We have a strict policy of using the most efficient and ethical techniques for Web Design & Development so that it works well with search engines.

Web Development Services

Our motto is to maintain the highest level of professionalism, quality, honesty and transparency while dealing with each project and client. We have an expertise in the following services:

Search Engine Optimization Services

We Provide SEO services, on page and off page, and any particular on page and off page service like Blog Posts, Reciprocal Link, Forum Posting, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Keywords Research, Meta Tag Creation, Alt tag Optimization, Header Optimization, Webmaster tool Setup, Google Analytics Setup etc. Apart from these we also provide content writing service. We use only white hat techniques and we work according to Google updates (Panda and Penguin). If you are looking for whole on page and off page SEO service, please contact us at: info@voofa.ca

Cost Effective Solutions

Our dedicated teams of experienced professional designers & developers will work closely with you to create your call-to-action websites delivering unique designs. We are very fluent in all aspects of the web design including creating fresh and unique themes and WordPress templates.

All our services are cost effective and be ready to receive discounts!! If you like what you find on this website then please feel free to contact us and a professional from our company will personally set up an appointment and discuss the project details with you. Email: info@voofa.ca

Special Services & Deals for Woodbridge, Ontario Canada.

We Make Your Website User Friendly to Grow your Business Online!

website design milton ontario canada

Are you looking for a website design that is user friendly and can help you grow your business online? – A website design company that is reliable, creative and experienced for website designing that is Mobile friendly and boost keyword optimization for better search engine ranking?

Well, you are on the right place. VOOFA – Web Services is one of the most trusted website design, brand management and internet marketing company in North America serving more than 2000 clients across the world.

Expert Website Designers to Boost Your Business

Our website design experts help your business website combine two technologies: Smart Device friendliness and Search engine optimization. Focusing on these two aspects results in your product/services sales – High Conversion Rates. We follow customer-oriented approach where each website is designed and reviewed as per the customer to fit the specific requirements and objectives. We have a three tier quality check system so No compromise on quality!

Benefits of having a Good Website Design

Instant gratification

•         Ease of use as it can be accessed anywhere (Mobile Friendly)

•         Attracting new customers (Usability)

•         Increasing Revenue (Search Engine Optimization)

We provide our services to a number of small and medium sized businesses, and establishments and have expertise in CSS, PHP, HTML5, J-Query and all e-commerce platforms.

How it works for already existing websites?

Send us your domain name to info@voofa.ca and we will analyze your website with all relevant information on keywords. We will send you a proper documented analysis report and also a proposal to optimize your website for smart devices, search engines and additional features that might benefit the overall usability and user experience which usually leads to better sales of your services.

Please let us know if you are interested to get your website designed by our team and we will be happy to share our top of the line internet marketing strategies with you.

For business, finding the right website developer could be a key factor to adapting their product to the marketplace and for the right audience.

Give us an opportunity to serve you. We assure you the best solution in the industry.

Before we end this conversation please check out our SUCCESS STORIES HERE.

Check out our specialized services:



Dead SEO Vs First Page Search Engine Rank Optimization

website design montreal

As we know that SEO is DEAD! The old math of increased back links and stuffing keywords is now a target for Google to identify your site and bury it in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

SEO is no longer a math problem, it’s a human one. Social indicators are becoming key to Ranking and link algorithms have become ineffective. It’s the time for you to see the truth about SEO and adjust accordingly. We have modified and improvised on more contemporary ways of getting results for our clients and now we provide the following solutions for your website’s success in the online market.

  1. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.)
  2. Online Reputation Management
  3. Panda & Penguin Updates Recovery
  4. Unnatural Links Removal
  5. Local Listing Plans
  6. Video Marketing plans

Google First Page Rank – Increase Online Sales

As we can see that Google is becoming more personalized day by day, we focus more on getting local results for you. No more traditional activities. Following are some of the activities that we focus on, now –

Some of these and a few more still remain the same but the importance of most of it has changed with time. We have changed accordingly and can provide you great assistance in your Online Marketing.

Call to Action Website Design, Mobile Web Development

We aims to provide our customers unbeatable, qualitative services with unmatched prices so that you can easily achieve your online business goals. Our company is one of the leading service providers in the field of web development and mobile applications development. We have a well-established track record and our services have always met with great customer satisfaction.Sounds interesting? Feel free to email us info@voofa.ca


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Increase your sales by 75% with intelligent POS (Point -of-Sale )

website designer markham ontario canada

Are you looking for a reliable, creative and experience team for the Point of sale application and online complete solution development?

VOOFA – Web Services is known for building a website systems that captures lead automatically that results in potential sales.

Website Design & Mobile Application Development

We are experts with customized Web & Mobile applications for Point of sale application (for Android, I Phone and Black Berry platform and web). We have developed this application keeping in mind the need of retails industries. We have a team of dedicated Android, I Phone, I Pad Professionals and Mobile Website Developers for developing the Android, I Phone, I Pad apps, Black Berry and mobile web-apps, who design high quality products for our clients. Our development team has developed more than 200 websites and Mobile websites from different domains.

Professional Custom Built Retail Web Design Services

Features of Our Point of Sale Web Solution:

  1. One can manage their store/business (ecommerce/shopping cart inventory)
  2. Drive Massive traffic to Your website (Inbuilt Search Engine Optimization Module)
  3. Lead Capturing Box – Optin Box
  4. Email Marketing with Email templates for Newsletters
  5. Online payment and transaction using PayPal

Complete Web Marketing, Maintenance and Promotions

Our main focus is to provide complete IT support to your business domain. Would you be interested in a Website Design, Website Maintenance, Web Promotion, Software Development etc… that might benefit the overall usability and user experience which usually leads to better sales? We will be happy to help execute SEO & Web Design and Development projects at a much lower cost than what you have in house.

In these tough times, where it is hard to maintain the top line marketing, we can help share the bottom-line for you. We follow ethical practices as we been working with fortune 500 companies for over a decade. We are looking forward to build a long term mutually beneficial relation with you, so a quick response from your side will be highly appreciated. Email us: info@voofa.ca

Work with us and you would see the difference.


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New Year 2014 – Budget Your Website

web design agency torontoA very Happy New Year 2014 to everyone! We know that you love our blogs. Thanks for all your support and we promise you to deliver the best internet marketing strategy on a weekly basis. In this blog we would like to discuss about your marketing plan and proper budgeting for web development.

If you have been in the business for a while or you have started or planning to start a new venture – small, medium or large size business then, it is very important to do proper budgeting before you start spending on marketing for your products and services. The best way is to analyse the amount you would like to spend against the leads you would like to generate through online promotions.

Getting leads online in a competitive environment is not an easy task, especially if your niche online is already saturated. So, here are some steps on how to get started and budget your marketing plan:

  1. Get started with a website. Make sure this website is smart device friendly and has call-to-action. Depending upon the size of your business and the amount of services or products you want to promote, we offer different plans that you can choose from for web development. Each plan integrates top of the line features, See the PRICE PLANS HERE
  2. Once the website is ready to rock n roll, you should boost your website with rich content, keywords and search engine verification’s. This can be achieved by opting for a one time SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION PLANS
  3. Next obvious step is to get started with your social media promotions that can engage your customers in an ongoing conversation about your products and services. You can get Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter pages etc. by getting SOCIAL MEDIA PLANS

We also offer Logo Design, Brochures, Flyers, Banners, Posters, Presentations, Ebooks, and Business Card Designs to kick start your new venture. See GRAPHIC DESIGN PLANS here.

Since, we have already defined all design and online services through our price plans, it is easier for you to budget for your marketing plan for 2014. Shall you require any other help or if you have any further questions please send us email at: info@voofa.ca

Call-to-Action Designs for Web, Print and Social Media

web design tutorial torontoAre you looking for a reliable, creative and experience team for the web designing or redesigning of your website? Do you want to put your business model and creative ideas in the design of your website? Guess what – We will match your business goal with our creative ideas!

At VOOFA – Web Services, we are a vibrant and fast moving team of professionals that surpasses customers’ expectations by consistent focus on the designing, creativity and business model.

All our website design have call-to-action formula that helps your website visitors to take action. Remember (See) – Actions converts into sales!

We have innovative web solutions for organizations including advanced database interactivity & database design, e-commerce solutions, wordpress with programming etc. We work closely with you to achieve your online goals whether it is website design, Graphics– business cards, logos, brochures, ebook editing, branding or Google First Page Rank Search Engine Optimization.

Behind each project, stands a strong team of design editors, brand managers and SEO specialists with more than 15 years of experience in SEO, Graphic Designs and Social Media Marketing. So, do not hesitate to talk to us: info@voofa.ca 

Check our Services:


Affordable Website Design – Lowest Price & Best Services in Toronto

YT1Hope business is keeping you busy! Advertising in the online world is one of the most inexpensive and highly effective methods of promoting a business.

We surf through a lot of websites on a regular basis and analyzed that despite having a great design; they are not ranking on any of the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) for most of the keywords relating to their businesses.

To solve this problem, our team started to work on the very cause of such online business failures and found that the fault lies in the website design structure, directories, folders, files, content and functionality. Therefore we came up with an affordable plan for our customers to get the best services with full SEO functionality. Please see this link: WEBSITE DESIGN PLANS

VOOFA – Web Services is a web based bespoke website design & application development company with primary envisage upon Website Design, Graphic Designing & Search Engine Optimization + (Core PHP, Open Source, iOS/iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mobile – Web Apps).

We have a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals which includes designers, developers, testers and SEO experts for creating Eye catching and SEO friendly websites. See SEO Services: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

In Graphic designs, we thrive on the idea that design makes a difference. We can provide you with a fresh, professional look and feel with a recognizable trademark to increase the Brand Value. Our design team can work closely with you as part of your marketing staff and will seek out your company’s needs to create a unified message for your business. However, the websites we develop includes:

1. Great first impression – Grabbing attention on your web page at first sight, retaining it throughout the website.

2. Good navigation and usability – Showing your users the right content, making information easy to find.

3. Quick loading – so your users don’t give up and go to a competitor.

4. Search engines to access your content – Some designs are counter-productive and stop search engines from accessing your website.

5. Get incremental traffic – High rankings on search engines mean more people to buy your product/service. The site is made in SEO friendly manner and Meta tags management module will be provided in the admin section.

So, look no further and contact us: info@voofa.ca

Impressive Business Card Designs for $90

business card design torontoBusiness card is an important part of any business. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card typically includes the giver’s name, company or business affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information such as street addresses, telephone number(s), fax number, e-mail addresses and website.

Every year we design thousands of business cards for our clients. Our designs are impressive and creates impact. With the eye-catching colors and flair of visual effects, our designs attracts more compliments for your business.

You can get a call to action business card design for $90. This includes designs for both sides in printable format.

You can order them here: BUSINESS CARD DESIGNS

Toronto Qr Code Design for Mobile Website

qr code design generator toronto


It is a type of a matrix barcode that is used to store addresses and URLs that can be printed on magazines, signs, on buses, on business cards, and on almost any object about which your customers might need information.

With the explosion of smart phones with camera equipped with the correct reader application (Apps) – Your customers can scan the image of the QR code to display text, contact information, connect to your website, social media or open a web page in the telephone’s browser. 

Among other kind of marketing, QR codes are very popular nowadays. It provides an easy way for your customers to reach you just by scanning the code with their smart devices. The future of mobile-print marketing is here! Get a QR code for you company’s website, social media or address now:

qr code toronto

Terms & Conditions: The Client represents to the Developer and unconditionally guarantees that any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to the Developer for inclusion in the Client’s QR Code design are owned by the Client, or that the Client has permission from the rightful owner to use each of these elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend the Developer and its subcontractors from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements furnished by the Client.