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Etobicoke Web Design Seo CompanyEtobicoke Web Design SEO Affordable PPC | Cheap Price Logo. If you are located in Etobicoke, Ontario and you are looking for Website Design, Seo, Google PPC Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Social Media Page Design, Logo Branding, Flyer and Video Production services.. then look no further because VOOFA Marketing got you covered. (more…)

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North York Cheap Web Design Seo PriceNorth York Web Design SEO Affordable PPC and Cheap Price Logo Designs. VOOFA Marketing offers quality website development services in the Toronto – GTA. From Web Design, Seo, Social Media, Google PPC, Facebook Ads to Business Card Designs, Logo Designs, Brochures and Flyer Designs and Video production.

Read Carefully this article as it will provide you with a full length strategy on how you can get started online and how different strategies and services can be combined together to get desired results online. Please check our discount price offers here: (more…)

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Burlington Web Design Seo LogoDo you want to increase sales online? We have a solution for customers based in Burlington, Ontario. With our web design, logo branding, social media marketing and search engine optimization services, you can easily drive visitors traffic to your website. All these marketing services for affordable and dirt cheap price for our Burlington, Ontario customers. (more…)

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Milton Web Design Seo CheapWe build mobile and search engine friendly websites also known as smart responsive web design. For businesses in Milton, Ontario we offer discount prices via our various price plans for web design, seo, social media, branding and video production. If you are based in Milton, then please feel free to contact us at: (more…)

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Mississauga Web Design SeoWe offer affordable price web design in Mississauga, Ontario. Whether you are looking for a regular website for your small business or an ecommerce shopping cart site where you can sell your products online, VOOFA Marketing is your one-stop-shop. We have helped thousands of businesses in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade.  (more…)

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Oakville Web Design Seo CompanyWe design affordable low price high quality websites for small business owners, individuals, professionals, students, entrepreneurs, startups and medium to large size businesses in Oakville, Ontario. Our websites are mobile friendly, Google Seo optimized full of advanced features that will help you increase your product/service sales online. Check our web design plans here. (more…)

Beware and Protect Your WordPress Website from DDoS and Brute Force Hack Attacks! – Get Monthly Website Maintenance

Wordpress Hack Remove Brute Force DDoS AttackRead This Article Carefully Because If You Have Been Hit by Brute Force Or DDoS, This Will Really Help. This Blog is for every WordPress website owner who is serious about the business and wants to protect against malware vulnerability and severe hacks:

Recently we have seen an increase in the number of WordPress websites getting hacked. It is no surprise that the most popular (owning 70% market share) and easy to use content management system (CMS) WordPress is the target for hackers. In our research we found 2 attacks to be very common and severe to the extent that your website resources get abused and your site shuts down no matter if you change the server. Let me explain you both of these attacks in this article: (more…)

Toronto Home Renovation Web Design SEO – Mississauga | Brampton | Etobicoke

Toronto Renovation Web Design SeoLooking for a website for your Home Renovation Business in Toronto – GTA? Do you want a website that can make your phone ringing and emails filled with customers inquiries? You are in the right place, because VOOFA is a pioneer in building Mobile Friendly, Google Optimized Websites. 

Whether you are one man show with a truck (often called handyman) or you are company employing or subcontracting home renovation jobs to others, your focus should be on sales. Proper online marketing ensures high quality sales leads. 


Toronto Web Design Company – Mobile Friendly Google SEO Website Development

Toronto Web Design Seo CompanyWebsite has become an important part of every business today. If you think that you will be able to survive in your market without a website, then you must rethink about your business strategy. Over the past 15 years, internet has gradually exploded with opportunities to buy and sell online. Today, every potential customer visits search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find your products and services. Therefore, negligence can be your worst enemy and a poor non responsive (non-mobile) site can be a disaster for your business growth. (more…)

Toronto Web Design Budget 2017 – Online Marketing & SEO | Mississauga, Brampton GTA

Toronto Web Design Budget TrendsIn this New Year 2017, where many of us have set our goals and resolutions towards achieving what we believe is best for our lives, some of us who are in business or starting up a new one are looking to make it big!!

Yes! 2017 is the year when you can really focus on expanding your existing business and hit your targets. Whether you are new business owner, entrepreneur, single parent working from home or even a business owner who is constantly looking to leverage your business, VOOFA Marketing Services is ready to serve you.  (more…)

WordPress Maintenance Services – Enhanced Security, Technical Updates, Backup & Hack Removal

Toronto WordPress Maintenance CompanyIf your website is built on WordPress and you are constantly having trouble maintaining your site then get in touch with us. At VOOFA Marketing, our team of WordPress developer and technical assistants are ready to tuneup your website at a minimum monthly cost. Check our plans HERE.

Your website security is important, especially with eCommerce (WooCommerce) being a key player with WordPress based sites. Proper maintenance for WordPress based website is crucial and if not updated on time can break your site. Where WordPress being one of the most popular content management system with 47% market share online offering thousands of templates, plugins, widgets and extensions, it is prone to hack and loopholes. This is a common factor with any content management system that is being used at such a large scale widely across the world. (more…)

Mississauga Web Design and Seo Company – Best Deals!

Mississauga Web Design Seo Award Winning AgencyAre you starting your new business? Are you looking to get sales leads online? meaning unlimited free traffic of qualifies customers that want to buy your products and services over and over again? then you are on the right page.

First, couple of things you MUST understand if you want to start doing marketing online and sell your products / services: (more…)

Canada’s Top 10 Marketing Agencies | Website Design and SEO Digital Companies

Canada's Top 10 Marketing Agencies CompanyAs fascinating as it looks when we see a brand or a brochure or a TV commercial or even the social media aspect of companies and products we love… have you ever thought of the companies behind your favorite product that has brought your attention via there marketing tactics?

What makes you think and motivates you to buy a product is in the hands of marketing giants. Who are these companies that have consistently helped small to large organisations to promote their products and reach out to you… lets have a look at some of the top marketing agencies in Canada. (more…)

Brantford Web Design – SEO, Logo and Social Media Marketing

Brantford Ontario Web Design Company SEOIn the beautiful City of Brantford, Ontario we are glad to offer you our premium website design, search engine optimization, social media and branding services. With more and more entrepreneurs kickstarting new projects and small businesses trying to increase their sales, VOOFA Web Services can give you the boost and presentation you have always been looking for.

Finding a web designer in the City of Brantford is easy but to find a professional web designer who can strategize your marketing plan effectively is a difficult task. You may want to check what the so called web designers have done to help their clients before hiring them. Remember this is a major investment for your business and you don’t want to get stuck with someone who is a fly by night kind of college grad.

VOOFA is a full range 360 degree online and offline marketing service provider. (more…)

Vaughan Web Design Services – Richmond Hill Seo Guru

Vaughan Cheap Web Design Seo Social MediaAre you looking to target Vaughan and Richmond Hill Ontario for your business? Do you have a search engine optimized website that is mobile friendly and capture leads online? if “NO” is your answer, then read further.

Vaughan Web Design Services – Richmond Hill Seo Guru

VOOFA is a pioneer in search engine optimization tactics and web development. We are located in Toronto, Ontario and can help you reach your demographic driving more traffic to your website, monitoring & tracking the source of leads a capturing them with our system oriented web design. (more…)

Web Design in Georgetown and Milton Ontario – SEO, Logo and Social Media

Georgetown Milton Web Design CompanyAre you a small business owner or an entrepreneur just starting your business in Georgetown and Milton Ontario, then contact us as we can help you with your online marketing needs. We specialize in branding, website design and search engine ranking (seo) offering affordable price and fast services. If you are looking for a quick and effective start – you can contact us here or send an email to

Affordable Website Design


The 5 Secrets to Getting Unlimited Customers Online – Toronto News | Mississauga | Etobicoke

Toronto's Web Design CompanyWondering what is the secret to get more customers online in not just Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area but across Canada and United States? Whether you are a coach, B2B Specialist, Consultant, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Corporate, customer lining up online to buy your products and services is the secret to a successful business. Following are the 5 secret tips to make this happen: (more…)

If You Think It’s Expensive to Hire a Professional to do Your Website, Wait until you hire an Amateur!

Toronto Web Design CompanyThe title rightly says it all. If you are looking for a website designer or anyone for marketing your business then you MUST hire a professional expert who understand not just marketing but has a portfolio of happy customers. Depending on where you stand with your business, you will either learn this the hard way or will simply follow what successful people have done in their lives — “Surrounding Themselves With Experts In Fields Where They Were Novice”. (more…)

Web Design Services to Increase Your Online Sales in Toronto, Mississauga and North York

MIssissauga Web Design North York TorontoAre you looking for web design services to increase your online sales and get more customers? then you MUST read this and educate yourself before you hire someone to design your website.

The Web Design Question that You Must Ask Yourself

First, ask yourself as to why you want to get a website? only because everyone has a website and all your competitors have one.. or if it has become a compulsion for you to be online otherwise your business won’t be able to survive? Think about this question and come up with a real practical answer as to “Why I need a website?” (more…)

Introducing Low Cost HD Video Production and Photography in Toronto

Toronto Cheap Videographer Corporate Video Production StudioWelcome to VOOFA – Your one stop shop for Marketing. We provide online and offline marketing services such as Website Design, SEO, Logo Branding, Social Media Promotions, Analytics, Pay Per Click and Print Media. Apart from that, we offer full range of photography and video production services.

Gone are the days when you had to spend $20k+ for video production. VOOFA has introduced one of its kind HD video production services where our trained cinematographers will guide you through the process of story boarding to video shooting and post production. Whether you are looking for corporate introductory videos, interview series for YouTube or full fledged documentary and short movies, VOOFA will present you in a fabulous quality video in the forefront of your audience whether online or offline.

Click here to learn more about our Video Production Services. (more…)

Top Internet Marketing Guru Offering Business Training – Followed by Toronto SEO Experts

Toronto Internet Marketing Training Guru Expert SeoIf you are new to the internet marketing arena and you are looking to get started with a marketing campaign that can constantly generate new sales leads for you, then learn the strategies from the top internet marketing guru Vivek Raj Shivhare.

We at are offering comprehensive online business system training. This training include strategies to build a solid marketing campaign from scratch to the very highest level of marketing online. You will learn how to build your website properly, run your social media effectively and optimize your campaigns according to the search engines such as Google, (more…)

Web Design, Branding, Social Media and Print – Start Your Business Online Today – Hamilton Ontario

Hamilton Web Design SEO Website OntarioThis year we have extended our premium web design services in Hamilton, Ontario. The good news is that if you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur who is just getting started online, then we have some great deals for you. But, before we talk about those deals, let us give you a brief thought process on what your mind should start preparing for.. meaning a small mind map for you to lean the steps for a successful marketing.

Let’s look at some of the baby steps that you must take in order to sell your products and services online and offline. This is a quick step by step tutorial for you to understand what is required when you first start your business marketing online. (more…)

Daily Deals: Website for Small Business Owners and New Entrepreneurs

Toronto Affordable Web Design Cheap DesignerIf you are a small business owner or a new entrepreneur and you are looking to increase sales online, then we have some deals for you! But before we get into the details, we just want to make sure that you as a small business owner and an entrepreneur understand that how important marketing is for any business and like most people with limited knowledge will call marketing as an EXPENSE! which is certainly NOT true. Business marketing has been the life power of any business since the 1920’s when the big oil companies started their campaigns. Consider Marketing as an investment to get more customers. More customers means you will have more sales. So hope you get this idea and now let’s move forward with the deals: (more…)

Toronto Web Design Services – Low Price High Quality Handcrafted Website Development

toronto web design companyVOOFA is a 100% Canadian Marketing Company that provides reliable, low price and high quality services. We deploy our capabilities in HTML5 and CSS3 at the maximum level to represent high-standard responsive mobile web solutions. Website suitable to work on every device and every screen size, no matter how large or small, mobile, tablet or desktop.

We specialize in web design and database driven websites for small to medium business, identity and print design. Our aim is to create, design, develop and maintain the best web sites using web standards and the latest technology. (more…)

Are You a Novice at Internet Marketing? Start Learning!

Top Internet Marketer TorontoIf you think that you are new to the internet and have absolutely no idea about how to get started online, then read the information below, as it will help you get on board with the current trends and strategies used for internet marketing.

We see that a lot of people who are not aware of the trends online especially entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals who are looking to start marketing online using a website, social media, SEO etc. get into trouble by choosing the wrong people and marketing companies. (more…)

Content is NOT The King Anymore! Effective Content Is.

Vaughan Website Design Internet Marketing Guru SeoFew days ago we came across a customer who asked “I have been blogging for a while but why haven’t I made any money yet?”

Well, that’s Good question that needs some attention from your end. When your website is set up, the first thing you do is to fill it up with content. Because you were told “content is King”. However, do you know not all content is created or treated equal by search engines?

If you want to make money from your website or may be you are looking to increase sales online, you must offer your visitors something they really want. You provide a solution for them to gaining great pleasure or eliminating great pain. (more…)

Top Website Design Strategy and Checklist for Small Businesses

Richmond Hill Website Design CompanyIf you have a website that is not performing for you then you definitely requires a website checkup. To perform this check there are certain checklist points that every website must have in order to display correctly on the search engines. Do not make the mistake of ignoring your website design. Most of the people who have websites that are not performing for them end up over boosting the keyword optimization thinking that somehow the website will get higher ranking.

If your website does not have a good structure that comply with standard design parameters, you may end up with failure. (more…)

Search Engine Optimization Quick Overview by SEO Guru

Toronto SEO Guru | Search engine optimization expertDuring the past several years, we’ve worked with many small business owners helping them optimize their websites and improve their website conversion. By Search Engine Optimization or SEO, we simply mean the technique to optimize your website with the right content, keywords, tagging and similar techniques to boost its results on search engines so that you can get more customer views and results.

Whenever we start with a new client, we would do a SEO (Search engine optimization) analysis of the website and pinpoint the areas that need to be improved. Many are the easy fixes that can bring you quick results. It means more traffic and business for you 🙂 That’s why many companies are willing to pay top dollars for SEO specialists. (more…)

Web Design For Your Personal and Business Need | Get SEO Boost, Blogs, Forms and more…

Toronto Web Builder Creator Ideas Internet MarketingIf you are reading this then you definitely are looking for a website design that can help you get your message, product or services out there in the market so that you can get more exposure and sales leads. At VOOFA, we want you to thrive and not just survive and therefore we offer website design package deals where you can easily get started online with either a 5 page website, or 10 page or even more depending on your business requirements.

Click here to check out our web design packages. (more…)

Google Analytics | Track Your Online Customers to Increase Sales!

Toronto Google Analytics Expert SEO GuruWonder how companies boost up their sales by up to 47% in their first year itself? How do they know how much traffic they get from various campaigns online, organic ranking on Google or social media and how much traffic is converting into paying leads?”

The answer is hidden in the way these companies and businesses are using techniques and tools to track and find out which traffic source is more effective. They are learning every second about the customer behaviour and what the visitors likes and dislikes about your online campaigns. (more…)

Get Free Visitor Traffic To Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

North York Cheap Website DesignEverybody wants his or her website to rank higher on Google and get more free traffic with the help of search engine optimization (SEO). The practices of SEO have been changed a lot during the past several years. Google is determined to fight against low-quality pages, especially those that are over-optimized for keywords. Google has been constantly updating its algorithm to punish those websites. That’s why many SEO tips and tricks working a few years ago may not work now. (more…)

Is Your Website Performing For You? Are You Getting Enough Leads Online?

Etobicoke Cheap Website Design Seo Designer GuruGilbert is in his 50’s. He hired a US company to build a professional-looking website for his renovation business. He thought he could get phone calls and leads from his website. He had waited month after month, but nothing happened. So he called us looking for answers.

Are you disappointed with the performance of your website? Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t bring you any leads and sales? (more…)

3 FAQ: Steps To Get Sales Online For Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Startups – Online Marketing

Mississauga Cheap Web DesignerAre you looking to increase your sales online for your existing business or if you are starting up online with your new business and want more exposure? No matter whatever is your case, but we are here to help you kickstart your sales online. Like any brick and mortar business, online businesses requires a lot of consistency and efforts. Other than that it requires planning from the seed stage. Today, we are going to give you some simple, easy to follow steps that will give you the answers to some of the questions that every business owner struggles with… here are some of the popular questions that we come across every single day. Read them and see if it helps you: (more…)

WordPress Security Tips – Spam, Malware, Virus and Hack Removal Services

Toronto-wordpress-hack-removal-servicesOver the past 10 years, WordPress has become the most popular content management system for business and blogging websites. The CMS (Content management system) provides great features to build a robust website that can be changed using third party plugins anytime. Where third party plugins help increase the functionality and features on a WordPress CMS, they invite serious hacks, virus and spam.

Even though every attempt is being made with every new version of WordPress that is released almost every 2 months, WordPress is still considered a fragile platform for website design. (more…)

Your Brand Logo, Your Brochure, Your Business Card & E-Brochure Design – Toronto | Mississauga | Brampton

Mississauga Cheap Flyer Logo Design MarkhamEver heard of BRANDING? Yep! we are talking about the face of your company. The one thing that makes an impact in your niche and gets into the head of your customer with strong impression. A great logo design is very much like a strong book title. We want to create that brand and logo design for you that speaks itself about what your business is all about. A strong brand will not only reflect your best talent, services and products but will be remembered forever! Please check out some of our work and if you like it.. give us a shout. (more…)

Damage Control For Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Toronto Top Internet Marketer Guru Marketing ExpertWith so many sophisticated online application and interface including websites, social media, mobile apps and systems, we all sometimes feel overwhelmed with technology as the ultimate option for running our business and even day to day lives. What we don’t understand is that technology is just a tool and is only a small part of running a business.

Top internet marketing expert and founder of VOOFA shared his experiences with technology and how people still think that online businesses are not a big deal while the emerging market trends have made internet operated business more than a regular brick and mortar business. (more…)

Social Media Marketing Tactics – Lessons to Learn

Toronto cheap social media marketingOver the past 10 years, the trends in the internet marketing world has changed enormously. Social media has become a prominent factor in the marketing arena. Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube have proven their potential for enhancing the way human behave and engage themselves through posting relevant content. This dramatic shift in the marketing space can be leverage to the extent where you can make easy sales! (more…)

Toronto Flyer Design | Business Card | Brochures and Logo Brand

Toronto Cheap Flyer Design LogoWe are back with the best deals for our customers in Toronto – GTA. If you are looking for Logo Design, Flyer, Brochures, Presentations, eBooks, Business Cards, Booklets, Folder Designs and more, then don’t look any further. We got it all covered for you. With the lowest price and high quality design, we are offering the best graphic design deals. (more…)

Toronto SEO Gurus – Optimized Marketing Mix

Toronto seo guruHaving a website on the internet is an ok move unless that website bring back the return on investment at least to the point of breakeven. Among billions on websites on the internet, how can differentiate yourself, your business and your website? The online space is getting saturated everyday with competition one by one focusing on every niche and buying out the search keywords. Do you want to struggle online to make sales or you would rather prefer to sit back, relax and see sales leads coming in? (more…)

Toronto Deals: 5 Page Website Design and SEO for Only $499

Mississauga Cheap Website Design SEOFor entrepreneurs and small business owners, we have a special deal. We are offering a 5 page website design with contact form, map, call-to-action buttons, social media links, social media share options, home page full screen slider and mobile friendly website with search engine optimization.

This is one of our top seller “Economy Pack” that will get you jump started with your online venture. This website is specifically designed to attract more customers. More customers means more business and you want that to happen in your business. With the best ingredients put together in one website, we assure that you are saving time and money.

Why Choose

We are the largest website wholesaler in Toronto offering our virtual assistance services across North America for over a decade. All our website goes through 3 levels of testing and reviews by internet marketing and branding experts. We match the color and styles from your logo and build websites that are compelling to your customers. Just having a website online is not good enough. We build customized website that shows how good enough can be great for you!

Our focus is to deliver high quality web design with no compromise. Offering services in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Oakville and Markham. Other areas include GTA and all 905 areas.

Looking forward to be working on your project. Contact us.

Protect Your Website From Getting Hacked – Toronto GTA

Toronto WordPress Website Hack RemoveDo you have a website that is built on WordPress? If yes, then you must get enrolled in our monthly WordPress Technical Maintenance Plan. The reason why we recommend a monthly plan for WordPress is the higher rate of WordPress websites that almost gets hacked everyday.

If you have an existing WordPress website or your website is already compromised by malicious hack, then do not wait and contact us immediately. Our email services are open 24×7. We are here to help you resolve the issues you have with your website.

Why WordPress Has Higher Security Risk?

Where WordPress is the most popular CMS to build and manage website, it is backed by open source community of web experts. Even though Google treats WordPress as a blog, which is the main reason for higher Google ranking, WordPress is prone to security risks. Unfortunately the sheer volume of sites and extensive documentation available also assist hackers to learn enough about the system to identify the weaknesses of a WordPress site and capitalize on those weaknesses. One such example is called Brute Force. This attack can compromise any WordPress website and the hacker can insert malicious scripts that makes it more vulnerable.

Once a malicious script gets inserted into a WordPress CMS, it can automatically duplicate itself and can create redirect links, spam content, or can even get completely hacked showing pages from another website. Even after removing such virus, malicious scripts from the website, the website is never as the hacking can reoccur because it is very hard to investigate the parts of database that were hacked earlier. Thus, a monthly technical plan assures 100% safety, where we run daily antivirus scans and keeps updating various plugins, widgets and WordPress versions. In case of hack attempts, we can reinstall your website from our local backup within 24 hours. Check our Technical WordPress Maintenance Plans here.

Below is an interview with Internet Marketing Guru Vivek Raj Shivhare on hacking. Hope you like it.


Google 2015 Algorithm Update Kills Non-Mobile Friendly Websites – Top Internet Marketing News Toronto

Top Web Company Toronto

There has been a lot of speculations regarding what will be Google’s next search algorithm update and the answer seems to vary from killing non-mobile friendly website to fixing the search typos for brands and focus on e-commerce websites. We at VOOFA bring you the top updated news on what is Google’s next move.

For over the past 6 months, we have seen a gradual disappearance and lowering of rank for non-mobile friendly websites. For most of the part, websites that were not compatible with cell phones and were not able to fit into different screen sizes got affected by this slow but gradual algorithm change that Google has been trying to make. The reason why Google is trying to kill such old fashioned non responsive website is to enhance user experience on their search engine.

It is obvious that when 87% of the customers are looking for your products and services via their cell phones and tablets then it becomes important for Google to consider only responsive website.

If you got hit by the latest algorithm update and you see that your business has started to suffer or you are looking to get a responsive mobile friendly website for your business, then look no further. VOOFA – Web Services is you one stop shop for website design, search engine optimization, social media promotion, print and more.

We are a leading internet marketing company that has been featured on Satellite Radio SiriusXm numerous times for the quality of work, education that we provide to our client and fastest delivery timelines. Call us or fill in the contact form to get in touch with us today!

Get a fresh new mobile and search engine friendly website and be top of things. Look forward to a rewarding experience!

Logo Courtesy by Google

Good Cheap Fast Web Services? Business Fundamentals – Sales Tactics

Toronto Top Website Design Company

Today we are giving out a quick sales lesson:

If you are an entrepreneur or you are a business owner, you might have met a lot of customers asking for GOOD-CHEAP-FAST services.  With more competition in the market, it is difficult to fine tune the sales process to deliver what the customers usually asks for. Therefore, we came up with something that works as a formula to server your customers in a better way:

At VOOFA we offer only 3 kind of services. GOOD-CHEAP-FAST, but you can pick only 2 from the following:


Based on our formula, let your customer choose what they think is right to do business with you. This is a quick filtration process to save your time and energy dealing with customers who are never gonna buy anyways.

A similar process can be integrated in your website technically so that you get customer who are ready to buy. At VOOFA, we are not website designers, we are software engineers who develop systems for you. System that can be operated online opening up multiple streams of revenue. Talk to our internet marketing experts today and get started online. Email us to learn more about our upcoming internet marketing training events and courses:

The Ten Step Formula – Complete Internet Marketing Blueprint by Vivek Raj Shivhare

Toronto Top Internet Marketing Guru Vivek Raj Shivhare

Have you just started a new business, or may be you already have an existing business and you are starting to promote online – we can help! At VOOFA – Web Services, we believe that your knowledge about online marketing is as important as hiring someone to do the web design and marketing for you. If you have the right knowledge, a road map of what needs to be done in order to promote your business online – don’t you think it will be easier for you to manage the marketing process?

We have a solution that will keep no stone unturned. It is called the TEN STEP FORMULA, the first of its kind ebook which gives you the exact roadmap of how to gain more customers online. You will learn on where to start, what to do, what is important in marketing and especially what NOT to do. It includes a series of the most costly mistakes that people do when they first start their business online.

The ebook also tells you about the secret strategies that the top internet marketing experts use to promote their products and services online. Some of the specifics of the Ten Step Formula are – How should a website look like, its functionality, social media marketing – what to say and how to engage people, email marketing tactics, sales funnels, paid advertisements and more. Once you have read the Ten Step Formula, you will know everything that you always wanted to learn about online marketing.

Internet Marketing Expert Vivek Raj Shivhare reveals more about the Ten Step Formula in his interview with SIRIUSXM Satellite Radio, Canada Talks Channel 167 with Christine Bentley and Sharon Caddy. You can listen to this interview by visiting our media page.

Full Magazine Editing Design Pre Press For Print | Production Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Magazine Layout Design Cover Editing Pre Press

If you are a Content Management company that publishes regular magazines for businesses, music, sports, health etc. We can help!

We are one of the top graphic, content editing company in Toronto – GTA that can create all the design work necessary for printing. We do in-house pre-press production ready files that can go straight to print. Our content management team is always ready to provide you with fast designs for your advertisers ads, picture and text corrections, layout designs, cover designs, and formatting suitable for a complete magazine print. We have special pricing to match your design needs. Talk to us to get FREE Quote!

Cost Effective Design And Layouts

Our goal is to help you SAVE on your cost to design a perfect layout that resonates with your audience and therefore we offer great discounts. We will compete with any written quote and will still give the fast, elegant designs work in a very cost effective manner. Our designers understand that presentation is everything and content is the king, therefore we produce designs and layouts for magazines that entice your audience in an effective responsive manner – we add call to action throughout the magazine design that brings in more leads for your advertisers which in turn helps you retain more customers.

Cover Design & Layout Formatting

VOOFA is known for branding and management. We have created brands that are the face of more than 2000 companies across North America. Our cover designs for magazines are unique and the ads are responsive. The layout standards are elegant and column spacing are readable. We believe that a magazine should bring true value for the readers and should not be just a bunch of picture that people flip and take no action. In order to achieve this, we make sure that the design and layout for cover and each page is done properly to enhance the overall look and feel of the magazine. We want your readership to improve and as a matter of fact we have seen a minimum of 27% increase in sales just based on our designing model.

With our team of branding experts and graphic designers, we have the necessary experience and expertise to complete your project within your budget and timeline. Please feel free to contact us for Magazine Layout, Content Editing and Design. CLICK HERE!

Toronto Logo Design | Branding Management ON, Canada

toronto best logo designer

Are you starting a new business venture or are you reinventing the business that you had for years and now want to match with the current designs and marketing prospects? Well, none the less, you are in the right place.

At VOOFA Web Services, we offer great pricing for complete branding. A lot of times people wonder, why branding is so important and what it actually does for a business? The answer is simple – it catches the eye balls! When you put your logo out there in your business cards, brochures, website, billboards etc. your direct customers tend to see your logo and slowly start to recognize it as a brand. This is very similar to when you see the logo for CocaCola / Coke or Pepsi.

Logo Design for $275 Only/-

We have worked with over 200 brands that are being used by small to large size corporations in North America. Our pricing has been lowered from $1997 to $275 in order to help small businesses and entrepreneurs who are the life line of our economy. With our logo package you get 4 crispy, stylish designs to choose from. These designs are then refined by our branding experts and are finally created in different printable and web formats.

With our one of its kind virtual network, you get the best brains working on your designs from different part of North America, bringing a variety of flavors to your logo designs. Please check our success stories on how we have helped businesses to completely rebrand and create a new face of their company.

VOOFA Web Services also offers designs for flyers, business cards, brochures, ebook editing, presentations, posters, banners, web advertisements and more. If you like us to work on your project, please feel free to contact us!

How to fight Hack, Spam, Identity Theft – Website Design | Toronto, ON

Toronto website hack protection antivirus ontario

Year 2014 has seen more than 25 Data breaches with some major global companies like Sony, Home Depot, Dairy Queen, eBay etc getting compromised by hackers. This raises an alarm for all consumers shopping online to be alert while using any ecommerce platform. It is also a challenging situation for sellers as their websites can get compromised easily. As we see an advancement in technology, database loopholes in the systems cannot be ignored.

There have been numerous other cases of identity theft, unsolicited email spam and hack, credit card information leaks and website affected by viruses. Hackers are one of the most intelligent breed on the planet that can be categorized into the one who hack for fun (beginners) and the experts who do it for money. The internet has always been haunted by such hackers and spammers who will held the websites, databases and devices hostage and will ask for huge ransom in exchange to release the hijacked identity. Internet is now becoming a more scary place as more customers have started to use online portals to buy products and services. So, is there a way to counter this problem? Well, there is!!

Just like the way flu & cold is everywhere but we still get the flu shot every year to prevent ourselves from getting sick, similarly we will have to take steps and have to be very cautious about what information we are putting out. Following are some ways to solve this problem:

When buying any product online make sure that you always track the browser URL becoming green in color and http changing to https. This way you know that the website you are using has a secure encryption installed. In other words we call it a security certificate (SSL). You can trust PayPal as the mode of making payment.

For sellers especially the small business owners, it is important to install the SSL certificate because now more and more buyers are going to look into the specification of the ecommerce portal before they make a transaction.

When using social media, always make sure that you do not put your personal information out like your address, phone numbers etc. Check out the security settings under your social media account and select who is allowed to see your personal information. A lot of time people don’t realize that the information that they put out for fun can end up with identity theft.

For website owners, make sure that your website is protected by Antivirus, hack removal and other similar softwares that scans your website on a regular basis. Hackers are always sending out autobots that try to break the encryption to hack websites. Therefore, hire a professional to do weekly technical maintenance for your website. If you need any assistance with your website, you can check out our Monthly Plan.

Also, if you are just getting started online and are looking to get a Bullet Proof Protected website then call us or email at

Vancouver Renovation, Construction Website Design SEO

Vancouver Real Estate Website Design

Are you looking for a website design for your renovation and construction business? We can help.

VOOFA – Web Services specialize in real estate, renovation and medium to large scale construction business website design and optimization. We have done projects for companies that are based out in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Arizona, California, Toronto, and Vancouver. We understand the layouts that would best fit your business whether you are a real estate agent, flip and flip home renovation company or a property manager.

Our web designs are functional and works on all smart devices including cell phone, HD TV, Desktop, Tablets and Computers. All websites are designed with search engine optimization in mind. We use industry relevant keywords to optimize your website so that it can get indexed in search engines like Google and can rank higher.

We work one-on-one with you on your web project creating the content that is most relevant to your website offering a call-to-action layout design for maximum results and lead conversions.

Based on the number of pages that you require, we have different plans that you can choose from. Select Your Website Design Plans Here!

If you want to further enhance your online presence with Social Media Marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube, then Check Out Our Social Media Page Design Plans.

Furthermore, you can boost your website with our advanced tool for search engine optimization and track the results through our analytics. Every design comes with free email setup, contact form, scrolling widescreen slider and social media share options.

Finally, our prices are great. So, if you are willing to get started today, then don’t hold back your horses! Just call us or Contact! Services offered in Vancouver and surrounding areas such as Bowen Island, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, North Vancouver.

How to Choose a Good Website Designer?

toronto top web design company

Is it a question that sounds very familiar… What website design company should I work with? What hosting? Which Domain name company? Are they authentic enough?

If you are reading this, then you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or a marketing professional. The questions that every person who wants to get started online is asking is almost the same. And the answers are not easy to be found on the internet with all the competition among the big hosting, domain and web designing companies. Well here are some scenarios and suggestions that you should know before you select the right marketing partner online:

  • Great Price, No Quality: Some companies will offer you great price but no quality design or functionality. These are usually the companies and individuals especially young graduates from schools who wants to build a website to make quick cash and after that they are nowhere to be found (fly by night guys). Some of them will even start a company but they will be working for somebody else full time like a regular 9-5 job which has nothing to do with internet marketing. This scenario also includes companies overseas that we suggest not to trust at all, because recently we have noticed a lot of cases with domain – hosting frauds and website hijacking. Our recommendation: Stay Away!
  • Great Quality, Very High Price: Some companies want to cover their unnecessary overheads from their clients pocket. They will offer great design but the prices will be super high. One more thing you will notice with such web design companies is that they will make your website design process lengthy and will play around a lot with emails back-n-forth, making it look big, tiresome process. Our recommendation: Stay Away!
  • Low Price, Great Quality: These are the companies that do not have much overheads as they work on a solid virtual network. They don’t have any office or an in-house staff but they have a team of web specialist that can deliver every project on time. Their prices are usually low and the quality of work is great. These companies cut down the lengthy process of web designing because their cost increases every time they use their virtual resources, which means that your job will be done at a very faster rate. Our recommendation: Work with them!!

VOOFA – Web Services is the first virtual network where our staff is virtually located all over North America. Our team of experts will work one on one with you to achieve your online goals. Whether you are looking to get a logo designed, Website, Domain, Client management system, or search engine optimization, we are here to help. Our prices are very competitive in the internet marketing space and we can work on a monthly basis with you. Email us to know more:

Also, if you want to learn more on how to choose a good website designer, or are interested to learn about social media, seo, internet marketing, you can get “The 10 Step Formula” and can learn in-n-out of internet marketing. This formula offers you 10 great steps to master internet marketing.

So, don’t wait as we have ongoing special deals for you to lock in today!! CONTACT US!



Check out our Video:

Yes! I want a Website Design for my Business | Toronto, Canada.

top website design company toronto

Are you a YES! guy or a NO! guy? What I am asking you is… Do you get motivated enough when you think about your next big idea, or your new venture or your existing but exciting business? If you are.. then you are a YES GUY!

Anyone would love to work with a motivated person. In this case — we are willing to work with you. Our goal is to understand your business requirement that can be leveraged to achieve high end results.

We Build SYSTEMS! Not just websites

We are the first company in Toronto, Canada that has established a track record in building online systems. We have built web systems for anyone & everyone including: renovation, music, real estate, photography, large scale industrial construction, architecture, lawyer, recruitment, food manufacturing and accountants. Therefore, we understand for most of the part of what needs to be designed and with what all functionality.

What we require from you? A.K.A Our Process!!

In order to develop your online system, we would like to know about your business as much as we can.. so that our team of specialists can design the right online business model to fit your needs.

Then we will work one-on-one with you on every step of building your brand – logo design, your website, videos, social media channels, email marketing and more. Depending on where you are and where you want to be.. our curative team of experts can guide you throughout the process of achieving success online.

Next, we will setup a tracking system for you to analyse the performance of your web system. We will optimize your website to rank higher on search engines.

We believe in building a strong relationship with you. Your happy face is our satisfaction!

So, don’t wait as we have ongoing special deals for you to lock in today!! CONTACT US!



Make Your Year – 2015 Rewarding With The 10 Step Formula |

learn internet marketing toronto

Looking to learn Internet Marketing? Website Design or How to do Social Media Promotions? Well, look no further because we have  a magic bullet for you that will give you all that you must have ever thought about marketing online.

Boost Your Sales Online – Internet Marketing Blueprint


This is the most effective and powerful internet marketing formula proven and tested by the internet marketing guru across the world. It entails 10 easy to follow steps that teaches you on how to do marketing online. From building your website to social media promotions and dynamic sales funnels to capture leads and converting your website traffic into sales, this ebook can be your best friend when it comes to boosting your sales online.

When we first received a complimentary copy of this ebook, we realized that the TenStepFormula team has made a good effort at putting the marketing strategies together. With a series of flowcharts and useful links, this ebook can be considered the ultimate key to your online success.

Also, if you are on a shoestring budget with your internet marketing initiatives and you are looking to build your own online presence, this ebook is exactly what you must read.


The market price of this ebook is $197, but now they have a deal going on. The ebook is available for only $17.99 that means that you can change the way you are doing marketing by skipping a meal or a sloppy marketing seminar. Visit: to get your copy and begin your New Year 2015 with a BANG!!

If you liked this article and would like to know more about our services and how we can help you gain more customers online, please feel free to visit:

Best Website Design Deals – Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Edmonton website design company seo development

The no#1 Website Development company is offering services in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We at VOOFA – Web Services have extended our services across Canada and are helping small to medium size businesses to get started online. A lot of young entrepreneurs who have very limited budget and are looking to make an impact on their target customer can now use our services as we have special offers running all year round.

Edmonton, Alberta – Website Design Pricing

Our special offer includes $399 Economy pack that can help jump start your business online right away. The package includes features such as:

  • 5 Page Web Page Design – Home, About Us, Testimonials, Services, Contact Us or any 5 page of your choice
  • Favicon and Apple Touch Icons
  • Call-t0-action Social Media Buttons and Icons
  • Main Page Widescreen Slider – Up to 5 Pictures
  • Contact form for your customers to fill leading to your email
  • Company Email Setup
  • 5 Keywords and Location Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Website Design – Smart Device Friendly
  • Search Engine Registration – Google SEO

The above has enough features that can help any business to get started online. In order to begin working with us, you just have to Email to:

All Special Offers & Deals are Valid Canada Wide. 

Contact us for Hosting and Domain Offer as we can help you setup with Automated Content Management System (CMS) under the same deal.



Gain More Customers Online – The eBook

internet marketing guru vivek raj shivhare

New to the internet world? No Problem – Now, you can learn inside about the internet marketing tactics with our soon to be launched eBook – GAIN MORE CUSTOMERS ONLINE. If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or someone looking to get started online with your products and services – This eBOOK is for you!

Learn the most effective and powerful strategies that the top internet marketers have been using for years to create their multi-million dollar online business empire. The author unleashes all the tips, tricks and tools in a very simple, easy to follow, step-by-step fashion for you to implement in your online marketing campaigns right away! (more…)

Best Website Design and SEO in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary website design company alberta

Your business is important and to maximize your reach to potential clients one… we at VOOFA – Web Services are offering exclusive deals for a smart device and search engine optimized website design. Now for just $499/- you get a 5 page website that works on all smart devices and is Google friendly.

Custom Built Web Development in Calgary, Alberta

We understand you needs and we design websites that are custom built according to your niche. With the latest HTM 5 and CSS, we use CRM such as WordPress and Vincify to develop an eye catching design that is powerful to convince your website visitors to take action.

Call-to-Action, Result Driven Website Design

Every website built by our web expert comes with touch screen buttons and call-to-action layout. Our webmaster have over 20 years of designing experience and we guarantee results.

Search Engine Optimization Technique

All website comes with our basic and advanced SEO package. We will build and optimize your website for location target such as for Calgary, Alberta. This way, when people look for your services and products, your website will show up on search engines thereby giving you instant leads. Your website is not just a website but a web system that is capable of generating leads.

Feel free to ask a question or get in touch with us for your next new venture online — Email:

Also, feel free to Read Our Success Stories



Website Design Commercial AD | Gain More Customers Online

Do you want to gain more customers online? Are you looking to generate more leads automatically through your website? Look no further!

VOOFA – Web Services is offering quality website design that uses Vincify interface built on Genesis – WordPress. This great combination of server, programming, directory, folder and website setup along with search engine optimization is ready to boost your online presence.

Start Converting Your Website Visitors Into Sales!

Our team of internet marketing experts will help you take your website to the next level. If you already have an existing website that is not performing for you… Talk to us!

If you want to get started with a completely new website design, then call us and we will work one on one with you to strategize the working online model. Our mission is to help you maximize your presence online so that more customers can reach you.

Your Competition Your Niche

As a known fact there is a huge competition online in 99.9% of the niche and therefore it becomes very important for the business owners to do what can bring return on their hard earned money. We understand your need online whether it is your brand, your product, services, social media or website, is your one stop shop.

We have been featured on SiriusXm Satellite Radio,, Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs and Canada Talks 167.

Feel free to ask a question or get in touch with us for your next new venture online — Email:

Also, feel free to Read Our Success Stories



Best Website Design, SEO Company in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Website Design Company British Columbia

Are you looking to get a smart device friendly, search engine optimized website that drives massive visitor traffic converting into sales online? If YES! is your answer then look no further. We at VOOFA – Web Services offer top of the line website design services for our customers in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Custom Built Web Design With SEO in Vancouver, British Columbia

As a known fact any website that is not capable of producing the desired result has certain faults that are common in every case – not mobile friendly, no search engine optimization, problems with the website structure, too many animations, no call to action and no rich text. We will fix all the issue at a very affordable cost for you and will even design a new custom built original design that the search engines like Google prefers.

Remember that unless your website is organically optimized with keywords, your site can never show up on Google first page and in order to bring it on the first page you will have to be serious about your website and will have to treat it as any other brick and mortar business. Your consistent efforts is what will drive qualified visitors to your website.

Maximize Your Online Presence in Vancouver

With VOOFA, you can focus on what you do best and can leave the rest to our technical team. We have produced website designs in as less as 4 hours and our prices are very affordable. Our company has been featured on SiriusXm Radio and on various other media online. Our trained expert staff is ready to coach you on ethical ways to do online marketing and improve your search engine visibility.

Don’t Get Fooled by FRAUD!

We have heard and seen people getting scammed by companies that try to hijack their hosting and domain accounts. At VOOFA we help you fight such companies and steer you in the right direction to create your own accounts to gain complete control over your website. If you are in any web trouble with a company then feel free to talk to us and we will help you resolve the issue.

Website Development and Redesign Services in Bowen Island, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, North Vancouver.

If you already have a website that is not producing results or if you are looking to get a new website designed for your business, then make sure that you contact us: 

Also, feel free to Read Our Success Stories



Offering Services in Vancouver, British Columbia

Best Website Development Services | Brampton Ontario

brampton best website design ontario

If you own a business or you are trying to reach people online for your products, services, skills or talents, then look no further because the biggest website wholesaler VOOFA – Web Services is ready to serve you better. With over a decade of experience in internet marketing, we understand what your needs are.. and how you can maximize your potential reach to your audience.

Best Custom Web Design Services | Mobile

All our websites are original and custom built giving your web presence a unique feel and style. We are known for branding, digital graphics and online marketing. A simple website that we build contains top of the line features that search engines like Google, Ask and Bing prefers. This usually includes – call to action buttons, home page slider, SEO (search engine optimization), Mobile site design, social media share and page links, contact forms, email setup and pages for products, services, about us, testimonials and blogs.

Cheap Rate Better Quality

Unlike companies that charge you high price for keeping up with their overhead costs, we at VOOFA – Web Services work as a virtual network of best internet entrepreneurs offering services at lower rates (as we do not charge you for our overheads – we charge you for our skills and talent only). All our work is done inhouse and nothing is outsourced providing you the high quality designs in less time.

Domain, Hosting & Website Design

Now, with our extended services and partnership with, VOOFA – Web Services is offering Domain, Hosting and Web Builder services to help you get started online as well as with our new interface you can manage your web content. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity:

Google Analytics, Webmaster & AdWords

In addition to the above services, we are offering Google Analytics, Webmaster and AdWords services making it a complete package for your online presence. Our mission is to help you gain more customers online!

Also, feel free to Read Our Success Stories


Offering services in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Best Web Design Company in Toronto | Custom Website Development


“BEST” is an over rated word when it comes to web development and with the huge competition among the major web design players in Toronto, VOOFA – Web Services stands out with the quality of web design and call to action functionality that produces results. Every website that we build is well tested by our internet marketing experts and monitored for coding updates.

We Use WordPress

We use advanced CMS – Content Management System from open source like WordPress that is currently being used by 48% of the websites online. By integrating the power of WordPress, we design custom websites that are compatible with Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and HD TV’s.

Google Optimization Guidelines

At VOOFA we follow the Google guidelines for effective search engine optimization boosting your website from a millionth rank to the first 5 page ranking. Your online success depends a lot on the amount of traffic your website receives as well as the number of clicks and conversions that results in ultimate sales. We understand your online needs and therefore uses the master tools from Google to monetize your online presence.

No false claims, No Hidden Fees, No Fooling Customers is what we believe in! 

All our prices are well listed on our website, what is involved in every stage of web development is mentioned under our plans, so please feel free to contact us. Email:



Inexpensive Website Design in Toronto, Ontario Canada


Looking for an inexpensive website design in Toronto and the GTA? Guess what… You are in the right place. We at VOOFA – Web Services, provide top of the line web development packages that are low in cost and quality designs.

All our websites are fully automated with HTML 5 and WordPress Content Management System. The features includes – Call-to-action feature box, Home Page slider, Contact Form, Touch Screen Buttons, Mobile and Tablet Resolution site, Search Engine Keyword Optimization and Video Integration along with a lot of other important features. Check out our web design packages here!

Unique, Fresh & Custom Built Web Design

All our web designs are custom built to serve the very important purpose of bringing your products and services to the forefront of your audience online. In order to achieve the maximized results, we follow the Google Search Engine Guidelines while designing your website. From the seed stage of creating the mindmap to the final implementation phase, we make sure that your website server, directory, files, designs, programming and color/brand is completed properly. Our designs are unique, fresh and customized to empower call-to-action process online, whether it is an ecommerce website or a regular promotional website. Our goal is to get your website visitors traffic.

Inexpensive Low Price With High Quality Work

We have the experience and expertise to offer you the high quality websites at a cheaper price because we are a network of online entrepreneurs with close to minimum overhead. We work as virtual assistants and empower the web world with beautiful, functional websites. Get in touch with us at and we can discuss about your web project.


Vivek Raj Shivhare on SiriusXm Satellite Radio | Canada Talks


As part of our monthly educational series on SiriusXm | Canada Talks 167, Vivek Raj Shivhare (Founder, CEO VOOFA, Vincify) was featured on the premier satellite radio on August 13, 2014. In the interview, Vivek shared his experience with internet marketing , website design and social media. Interviewed by the gorgeous ladies – former TV news reporter  and television journalists  – Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler, Vivek unlocked the secret to become successful online.

In his interview he mentioned about his new venture, where he is doing a weekly podcast that is published on itunes. Vivek also offered the subscribers of SiriusXm Radio — Deals to join the workshops that are part of the events. You can listen to this exclusive clip only on here:

If you like what we are offering please don’t forget to join our LIVE workshops to learn how to monetize your online presence.


Best Website Designing Company in Toronto – Give us a Try!


Internet Marketing Education |

Internet Marketing GuruInternet Marketing Guru and founder of VOOFA – Web Services – Vivek Raj Shivhare will now be offering one-on-one internet marketing training to young entrepreneurs, who are looking to get started online. In our press release today, Vivek said that “Our Mission is to help people enhance their online experience by teaching them the top of the line strategies to monetize their products, services, skills, passions, and talents”.

The educational academy will host monthly workshops and online webinars under the name RichGoat. On asking about the name of this venture, Vivek said that “the name is catchy, fun and easy to remember as well as is relevant to our vision of helping people learn to earn online”.

Joining Vivek will be the co-founder of Sergio Cutone, who has over 2 decade of experience in web development and hardware. The tech duo seems to take over the internet education program to the next level as they are being featured as a monthly guest speakers on SiriusXm Satellite radio.

If you want to learn more about what the workshops will offer, then feel free to visit:

The Workshops will be held in Toronto – GTA.

Top Internet Marketing Guru featured on SiriusXm Satellite Radio | Canada Talks – Channel 167


As you know that VOOFA – Web Services had a very humble beginning. Now was the time to move to the next level and YES! we did it. Our founder, president – Vivek Raj Shivhare was featured on the top & biggest satellite radio SiriusXm, Canada Talks – Channel 167. He was interviewed by the host from What She Said – Kate Wheeler (one of Canada’s most respected television journalists, who began her multi award winning on air news career at CityTv in 1985) and Sharon Caddy (former host for CFPL, CTV News, CFTO).

In the interview Vivek shared his expertise and experience with web technologies. He gave tips on mistakes to avoid while getting started online and discusses various aspects of designing a great website that can bring results online. You can listen to this clip here:

If you like what we are offering please don’t forget to join our LIVE workshops to learn how to monetize your online presence.


Best Website Designing Company in Toronto – Give us a Try!


Top Marketing Company – Web Services SEO AD on SiriusXM

Hello everyone who has been reading our blogs and thank you for all your support. We are excited that our AD has gone LIVE on one of the Biggest North American Radio Channel SiriusXM. Above you can find a quick animated clip for our AD that will soon be live on TV as well.

VOOFA – Web Services has been known for its fastest delivery timelines. We are also known for one of the biggest virtual network of people bringing strategy, creative minds, designs, coding and ideas together for your business. We are driven and result oriented and keeps our performance level high to help you succeed in your business.

If you are serious about your business, talk to us today! Serious Inquiries only –

We are the Best Website Designers in Toronto – Give it a Try!


Best Website Designers in Toronto | Custom Websites

Toronto Website Design Ontario Canada

Well, 90% of the people searching for website designers are looking for experienced, creative, talented designers who are either well known in the web world or have outstanding credentials to support their portfolio. Not only that but you are looking for affordable website designer whom you can work one-on-one.

At VOOFA, we work with you on one-on-one basis, making sure that you understand every part of your web presence. Our team has the experience and credentials that you have been looking for… Check out our SUCCESS STORIES HERE

For over 2 decades of experience in Web Programming, Debugging, Coding in HTML, JAVA, Jquery, CSS, PHP and more, we have the potential to build as small as a few page website to as large as a multi-functionality CMS interface. Our designs are custom built and unique catering to your business and industry.


Unless your website works like a system, there is no use of having a website. We see a lot of business owners that hire designers with no idea about how to build a marketing strategy. Just by having a website does not mean that you will be successful in your business. Therefore, our expert branding and marketing managers are always ready to perform the due diligence on your industry, business and potential customers thereby building a solid web strategy for promotions online.

Call-to-Action, Responsive Website Design

Every website we design is unique and works on a well known but effective formula of call-to-action. All our websites works on Mobile phones, tablets, computer, TV’s, laptops and every other smart device. This way we help you reach maximum customers online.

Fast Delivery Timelines

VOOFA – Web Services has been known for its fastest delivery timelines. Known for one of the biggest virtual network of people bringing designs, coding and ideas together for your business. We are result oriented and keeps our performance levels high to help you succeed in business.

If you are serious about your business, talk to us today! Serious Inquiries only –


Next Generation Website Design

Bolton Website Design Ontario Canada

Unless your website is smart device friendly, we are not talking BUSINESS!!

Yep! when we look around today, we see 97% of the customers are online visitors who are checking out the rating & reviews of products and services. From buying a needle to buying a car – anything and everything is being checked on the internet before the actual sale happens.

If you are understanding the point that I am trying to make here, then you know what can serve and boost your business online —

SMART Website Design

A smart website is a term used for websites that are compatible with all kind of devices such as HD TV, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets, and Desktops. At VOOFA we design websites that are responsive keeping the same design structure but transforms itself to a smart device website. Now, you do not need 2 or 3 separate websites to work on different devices. We offer one website that works on all devices.

Custom Built Technology

Our expert team of online marketers and programmers work closely with you to build the right strategy for your services and products. For a small smart website, the timeline is 5 business days whereas for large size website or interface, the timeline varies. Moreover, the design is responsive and have call to action functionality along with the top of the line color coding, SEO, Favicon, Contact form and more.

Get ready for the Next Generation Website — BOOST YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE!! Email us:


Special Website Design Price – Malton, Ontario

website design malton ontario

VOOFA – Web Services is now offering special prices for website design for Malton, Ontario. The special includes Economy, Deluxe and Premium packages. We have reduced our prices to help you get started.

Custom Built Website Design & eCommerce

With our website design packages, you can get a fully functional customized website from 5 to 20 pages including Google Maps, SEO, Social Media buttons, Favicon, Apple touch icon, Contact Forms, SEO – Keywords, Search Engine Registration, Sitemap, Gallery, Portfolio, Testimonial pages, Scrolling feeds, Shopping Cart and more…

Call-to-action Website Design Strategy

Our strategy is very simple – We want you to get maximum exposure and that can only happen if there is some action on your website. The unique call-to-action technique helps bring visitors traffic to your website and makes them take action. For example by filling up a form or by giving you a call right away!

Monthly Maintenance Plans

Once your website is up and running you must opt-in for a monthly plan in order to avoid any error, malware, hacks or spam. This is just like when you buy a new car, you want to make sure that it runs smoothly and for that you require proper maintenance! Check out our monthly plan and get your website tuned up with latest coding and weekly security checks.

Contact us if you want to get the special price and learn more about our services. Talk to our internet marketing consultant today! Email:


Website Design Frauds! BE AWARE!

website design richmond hill ontario

Today’s topic is Website Design Fraud. I receive a lot of emails and questions everyday surrounding the fraud in the web industry such as – people held hostage by companies overseas, domain and hosting frauds and various other black hat search engine optimization frauds. Let’s see how we can avoid such situations by making the right decision!

Key Components – Domain, Hosting, Website Design

First, it is important to understand the various components that are required to get started online. #1 is the domain name that is ofcourse the business name such as , or .net or .org etc. #2 is the hosting ie. your webspace or server, #3 is the website development.

WEB FRAUD – How it happens?

When any web company tells you that they are willing to buy the DOMAIN and HOSTING on their account on behalf of you… chances are, that you might get into troubles later on. The reason is that, anybody buying your Domain name and Web Hosting on behalf of you under their own account becomes the legal owner of that domain name, hosting and ultimately the website that will be further built on that server.

We hear about these kind of frauds almost everyday, where the fraudulent company/individual promised to take care of everything and once the project was complete and the customer’s online business was well established and flourishing – the fraudulent web company/individual web designer came back blackmailing the customer to buy their own website from them for a big sum of money.

Other FRAUD – Password & Security

The other fraud that we hear about is customers held hostage for their WordPress or other CMS login information including email passwords, restrictions to certain level of administrative authority over Google Analytics, Webmaster tool and CMS.

How to AVOID such situations?

Prevention is better than cure! Whenever getting a website designed by an individual or a company, make sure that you always buy your own domain name, hosting, and emails under your account with your credit card providing limited authority to the website designer. This way you protect your domain, hosting and emails right away as they are owned by you from the very first day. Then, choose the right website design company or designer who can understand exactly what your online goals are. Based on their expertise, experience, credentials, resume and online portfolio, cross check with their references and then proceed with your project.

Website design is like everything else, like when buying a used car… you want to make sure that everything works fine and you get the paperwork etc. done right. So, choose the right people and get started online. My best wishes are with you. If you want to talk with regards to your project with our internet marketing consultant, please feel free to email us at:


Why WordPress is the best Content Management System?

website design north york ontario canada

At VOOFA – Web Services, our tech experts have worked on various CMS (Content Management Systems) for over 2 decades and the most promising one turns out to be WORDPRESS. Yes! we said it – It is WordPress that is super user friendly, functional, excellent widgets, plugins and integrates with the search engine. As a matter of fact, 75%+ websites online are built on WordPress.

What is WordPress?

So, what exactly is WordPress? – It is a Content management system where you can easily edit your website with a few clicks of a button. WordPress is one of the biggest blogging platform ( and .org). But WordPress can be independently installed and can be used thereby extending the overall boundaries of your website functionality.

Not only that but WordPress integrates into the search engine easily and can help your website attain higher ranking. Higher ranking on Google will mean more visitors traffic, that can be easily monetized.

Why WordPress?

After working with different cms and coding languages such as Joomla, .Net, ASP. – we found WordPress to be the most resourceful platform and recommend that to everyone who wish to get started online. Make sure you hire the right website designer because with all the good feature and functionalies of WordPress, there is a flaw that should be taken care of…

Issues with WordPress

What is that flaw? Guess what… the Security of  WordPress websites. A lot of people who starts to learn WordPress at home and later claim to be a website designer do not understand the problem that arises due to lack of coding skills. The go out building numerous websites for low price based completely on third party plugins that sometimes are no longer compatible with the latest version of WordPress and the next thing you find is a brute attack or hack. WordPress requires regular updates. A weekly maintenance is what is very important part of this CMS.

Make sure you talk to us to learn more about how this powerful platform – WordPress website can empower your business online. Email:

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Google Adwords or Organic SEO? What is best for your business..

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A lot of times people ask us what is more important – Google Adwords or Organic SEO? Following is our answer to this question:

Google Adwords

First try to understand what Google Adwords means.. It is a paid service offered by Google to market your advertisement on top of the organic results. You will find these ads on most of the keywords that you type in the search field while looking for a certain query. They often mention them below the paid ads as “ADS”. On top and on the right hand side column you will find these paid ads that are created through Google Adwords.

Now, the question is how good or bad is to use Google Adwords Services? Well, our answer is – the more exposure you can get online, the better traffic your website receives that turns into potential sales. Know that Google Adwords works on bidding per click. The higher you bid, the better chance of getting your ad visible online for various keywords. Try to budget it right and get help from Google Adword experts. Send us an email to get started on Adwords:

Organic Search Engine Optimization

The organic search engine optimization is the method of crawling up on any search engine listing with no paid ads or manipulation of keywords (black hat techniques). This is achieved by inserting rich text in your website content, alt tags for pictures, right structure of the directories, coding framework, domain verification, social media promotions, blogs, landing pages, videos and a lot of other tactics that allows your website to be on top of Google listings.

As you can see in the above paragraph that organic search engine requires a hell of steps and work built over time. There are no tricks to success but there are always great tips to success, therefore talk to our Search Engine Optimization consultant to get started with your online presence.


We conclude by saying that both organic and paid advertisement have become and integral part of online marketing today. Set up your right budget for Google Adwords and keep on doing the organic search engine optimization by choosing the right marketing partner. As the competition for keywords is now becoming a big marketing war online, it is suggested to use both the tools with equal importance and drive as much traffic as you can to your website. Get in touch with us to learn more:

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Smart Device Friendly Website Design Layout – Responsive Web Development

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What is Responsive Website Design?

With 87% of the people looking for products and services using mobile phones, more online businesses are now looking to cater for an increasing mobile market. It is estimated that as mobile and tablet web traffic is set to overtake desktop users by 2015, it is necessary for all the businesses online to  change their website layout to what we call as RESPONSIVE Website design.

Note that with an ever-growing array of screen size resolutions and smart devices to browse the Internet, having a responsive website means that all these different visitors are using and navigating your website in a way that is tailored for them regardless of the device they use.

How VOOFA – Web Services can help you?

We at VOOFA – Web Services are a team of expert website designers and front-end developers that specializes in using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology to produce responsive website designs. We are well-versed in popular responsive frameworks that makes any website smart device friendly. By focusing on great user experiences from small screen to big, we increase conversion rates and ensure the maximum potential return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

Does Smart Website helps in Search Engine Optimization?

YES! it does help. Google prefers responsive website design as it makes more sense for a website to have only one version of design that can cater to all smart devices instead of the old school way to designs where the businesses required 2 separate websites – one for desktops and other for mobile only.

The other aspect of using a responsive layout is to incorporate mobile search keywords to gain more customers online. It also makes managing your SEO strategy easier.

Get Ready!

Whether you are looking for redesigning your responsive web layout to an already existing website, or building a fresh website from scratch – We have the expertise and the right experience to get your started!

As smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites, therefore – if you would like to find out more about responsive web design and how we can help you cater for an increasingly mobile audience, please get in touch with us today. Our email is

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Empower Your Visibility by Organic Search Results

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Search Engine Optimization Secret

If you already have and existing website or you want to create a new one, then the range of benefits of working with us will empower your online presence. This includes targeting qualified customers by proper strategy formulation such as making comprehensive searches on your niche and delivering organic results on search engines that work way better than paid advertisements. The increased web page rankings that you get with us translate into stronger business visibility that is great for getting online clients.

VOOFA – Web Services aims to provide our customers unbeatable, qualitative services with unmatched prices, so that our customers can easily achieve their business goals. We have an experienced team of experts that specializes in Website Design, Social Media Promotions and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are many facets to SEO including components to building a stronger on-line presence that allows potential visitors to more easily find your website.

Improve Page Rank Organically Online

The primary focus of SEO is to improve page ranking so that your website appears in top search results when users type in certain keywords, terms, or phrases into a search engine (like Google). Achieving this goal requires several separate, but related activities that we offer in our SEO Plans.

However, an ineffective or lack of performance in just one area of the SEO Plan can lead to poor SEO results. Allowing us to manage all phases of the SEO Plan ensures professional efforts and positive results.

Best SEO Practices

Our approach to improve your website visibility on search engine is a process that takes place over time involving proven practices as well as some trial and error (since the SEO landscape is constantly changing). Simply redesigning the web pages and reworking some content does not guarantee results and is mere a foundation.

Therefore, if you are looking for advanced solutions for Search Engine Marketing (SEO & SMO), Ecommerce, Web Application Development, Custom Website Design & Development, Video Marketing, Website Maintenance, Data Processing & Analysis, Web Hosting and Content Writing Solutions to build your online presence. We are confident that the services offered by our experts will be of use to you. Looking forward to working with you.


SEO Facts – Avoid Getting Penalized by Search Engines

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If you are one of those who is wondering why your website search engine rankings has been penalized then please read further:

Search Engine Optimization Facts

Not sure if you are aware of how the search engine works. Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask works on algorithms that gets updated every year to check the security threats caused by spammers & hackers and updates their database as well as their algorithms. While most of these changes are minor, every few months these search engines rules out a “major” algorithmic update that affects search engine listing in a significant way.

Black Hat Techniques for SEO

In the laymen term old black hat techniques of link building and keyword stuffing is dead! In order to stay ahead in the game, you need to be in proper alignment with these ever changing prerequisites. If in any way you think that your website can possibly get away with:

  • Links from pages having no content
  • Poor quality links from irrelevant sites, spam sites
  • Links from sites crammed with advertisements
  • Content Duplication : Same content for multiple submissions
  • Absence of SMO in the overall SEO plan & Keyword spamming
  • Content farming with low value articles and blogs for Google/users
  • No site moderation & Fake Social Media Likes/followers

Let me tell you this – Your rankings will suffer enormously to the extent of removal from Google listing

SEO Strategy to No#1 First Page Ranking

At VOOFA – Web Services, we keep track of all these unpredictable search engine updates for you and tackle these changes before they start to hit your rankings and organic website traffic. Our Link Building strategies are attuned to the latest search engine updates and include:

  • Incorporating links only from sites that have good quality content, good traffic and social sharing
  • More relevant and thematic linking with high-quality content and sites
  • Steering clear of deceptive, ad-heavy sites
  • Using unique and top quality, content, every single time
  • Incorporating SMO as the best way to generate traffic
  • Focusing on local search that helps local business listings

If you are looking to increase your presence with search engines then we have the right set of SEO services that we can strategically apply to your website. We accomplish more than just getting top rankings for you. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with you and your company. Please feel free to contact us at:

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Web Design & Development Services – Any Business, Any Profession!

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If you think that a mere presence on the worldwide web is an outdated approach of business growth, then you are 100% right! The reason is the amount of competition online and the increasing number of people that are nowusing the internet for buying and selling their products and services. 

We have designs website for Accountants, Lawyers, Construction, Real Estate, Tattoo Shop, Coffee Shop, Restaurants, Property Managers, Students, Insurance, Web Designers, Music and more. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with complete Web Design & Development solutions, to boost your business prospects for maximized return on investment

Website Design Formulation

With our aim to improve customer experience and provide customized & personalized services to individuals, small, medium and big businesses online – we have amended web development technology for its clients in a creditable manner that gives them the best results for their online presence.

We provide the best in class Web Design & Development services with result-oriented focus and ensure a quick turnaround time. We have a well-established track record and our services have always met with great customer satisfaction.

We work closely with every client to determine the requirements and then put together the right team to guide our clients for online success. The website we design works on smart devices. They are robust and can be changed to integrated extra features and unlimited gallery, pages and posts. We have a strict policy of using the most efficient and ethical techniques for Web Design & Development so that it works well with search engines.

Web Development Services

Our motto is to maintain the highest level of professionalism, quality, honesty and transparency while dealing with each project and client. We have an expertise in the following services:

Search Engine Optimization Services

We Provide SEO services, on page and off page, and any particular on page and off page service like Blog Posts, Reciprocal Link, Forum Posting, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Keywords Research, Meta Tag Creation, Alt tag Optimization, Header Optimization, Webmaster tool Setup, Google Analytics Setup etc. Apart from these we also provide content writing service. We use only white hat techniques and we work according to Google updates (Panda and Penguin). If you are looking for whole on page and off page SEO service, please contact us at:

Cost Effective Solutions

Our dedicated teams of experienced professional designers & developers will work closely with you to create your call-to-action websites delivering unique designs. We are very fluent in all aspects of the web design including creating fresh and unique themes and WordPress templates.

All our services are cost effective and be ready to receive discounts!! If you like what you find on this website then please feel free to contact us and a professional from our company will personally set up an appointment and discuss the project details with you. Email:

Special Services & Deals for Woodbridge, Ontario Canada.

We Make Your Website User Friendly to Grow your Business Online!

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Are you looking for a website design that is user friendly and can help you grow your business online? – A website design company that is reliable, creative and experienced for website designing that is Mobile friendly and boost keyword optimization for better search engine ranking?

Well, you are on the right place. VOOFA – Web Services is one of the most trusted website design, brand management and internet marketing company in North America serving more than 2000 clients across the world.

Expert Website Designers to Boost Your Business

Our website design experts help your business website combine two technologies: Smart Device friendliness and Search engine optimization. Focusing on these two aspects results in your product/services sales – High Conversion Rates. We follow customer-oriented approach where each website is designed and reviewed as per the customer to fit the specific requirements and objectives. We have a three tier quality check system so No compromise on quality!

Benefits of having a Good Website Design

Instant gratification

•         Ease of use as it can be accessed anywhere (Mobile Friendly)

•         Attracting new customers (Usability)

•         Increasing Revenue (Search Engine Optimization)

We provide our services to a number of small and medium sized businesses, and establishments and have expertise in CSS, PHP, HTML5, J-Query and all e-commerce platforms.

How it works for already existing websites?

Send us your domain name to and we will analyze your website with all relevant information on keywords. We will send you a proper documented analysis report and also a proposal to optimize your website for smart devices, search engines and additional features that might benefit the overall usability and user experience which usually leads to better sales of your services.

Please let us know if you are interested to get your website designed by our team and we will be happy to share our top of the line internet marketing strategies with you.

For business, finding the right website developer could be a key factor to adapting their product to the marketplace and for the right audience.

Give us an opportunity to serve you. We assure you the best solution in the industry.

Before we end this conversation please check out our SUCCESS STORIES HERE.

Check out our specialized services:



Search Engine Marketing | Custom Website Design Services

Custom Mobile Friendly Website Designs

VOOFA – Web Services is a reputable Web Design & Online Marketing company providing complete Web Development and internet marketing solutions to boost your business prospects for maximized return on investment. Being an experienced organization in the domain of online marketing, we provide solutions for:

Our dedicated teams of professionals will work closely with you to build the strategy and will define the parameters for your online business marketing success. We create innovative website designs that have won awards and are very well known in the design industry. There are numerous call-to-action websites that have been delivered with fresh unique designs templates and rich search engine friendly content. Check our SUCCESS STORIES HERE

Web Development | Internet Marketing

We have a strict policy for using the most efficient and ethical techniques for Web Development process. Our designs and services are result-oriented and focus on ensuring a quick turnaround time. A mere presence on the worldwide web is an outdated approach of business growth and therefore we take pride in creating website that drives qualified visitors traffic.

We have amended technology for our clients in a creditable manner that gives them the best results for their online presence. With the aim of providing a customized and personalized service to your business, a professional from our company will personally set up an appointment and discuss the project details with you. Contact:

Gain Customers with Google First Page Rank SEO

Each year, Google changes its search algorithms innumerable times. While most of these changes are minor, every few months Google rules out a ‘major’ algorithmic update that affects search results in significant ways. To stay ahead in the game, you need to be in tune with these ever changing prerequisites. If you thought your website could get away with:

Your Website ranking will suffer!

At VOOFA – Web Services, we keep a track of all these unpredictable Google updates for you and cannot just explain but also tackle these changes before they start to hit your rankings and organic website traffic. Our Link Building strategies are attuned to the latest Google Panda 3.4 update and include:

Our Team specializes in completing the project within a time and maintains the assured quality. Give us a opportunity to serve you. We assure you would like our solution and services.


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Dead SEO Vs First Page Search Engine Rank Optimization

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As we know that SEO is DEAD! The old math of increased back links and stuffing keywords is now a target for Google to identify your site and bury it in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

SEO is no longer a math problem, it’s a human one. Social indicators are becoming key to Ranking and link algorithms have become ineffective. It’s the time for you to see the truth about SEO and adjust accordingly. We have modified and improvised on more contemporary ways of getting results for our clients and now we provide the following solutions for your website’s success in the online market.

  1. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.)
  2. Online Reputation Management
  3. Panda & Penguin Updates Recovery
  4. Unnatural Links Removal
  5. Local Listing Plans
  6. Video Marketing plans

Google First Page Rank – Increase Online Sales

As we can see that Google is becoming more personalized day by day, we focus more on getting local results for you. No more traditional activities. Following are some of the activities that we focus on, now –

Some of these and a few more still remain the same but the importance of most of it has changed with time. We have changed accordingly and can provide you great assistance in your Online Marketing.

Call to Action Website Design, Mobile Web Development

We aims to provide our customers unbeatable, qualitative services with unmatched prices so that you can easily achieve your online business goals. Our company is one of the leading service providers in the field of web development and mobile applications development. We have a well-established track record and our services have always met with great customer satisfaction.Sounds interesting? Feel free to email us


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Increase your sales by 75% with intelligent POS (Point -of-Sale )

website designer markham ontario canada

Are you looking for a reliable, creative and experience team for the Point of sale application and online complete solution development?

VOOFA – Web Services is known for building a website systems that captures lead automatically that results in potential sales.

Website Design & Mobile Application Development

We are experts with customized Web & Mobile applications for Point of sale application (for Android, I Phone and Black Berry platform and web). We have developed this application keeping in mind the need of retails industries. We have a team of dedicated Android, I Phone, I Pad Professionals and Mobile Website Developers for developing the Android, I Phone, I Pad apps, Black Berry and mobile web-apps, who design high quality products for our clients. Our development team has developed more than 200 websites and Mobile websites from different domains.

Professional Custom Built Retail Web Design Services

Features of Our Point of Sale Web Solution:

  1. One can manage their store/business (ecommerce/shopping cart inventory)
  2. Drive Massive traffic to Your website (Inbuilt Search Engine Optimization Module)
  3. Lead Capturing Box – Optin Box
  4. Email Marketing with Email templates for Newsletters
  5. Online payment and transaction using PayPal

Complete Web Marketing, Maintenance and Promotions

Our main focus is to provide complete IT support to your business domain. Would you be interested in a Website Design, Website Maintenance, Web Promotion, Software Development etc… that might benefit the overall usability and user experience which usually leads to better sales? We will be happy to help execute SEO & Web Design and Development projects at a much lower cost than what you have in house.

In these tough times, where it is hard to maintain the top line marketing, we can help share the bottom-line for you. We follow ethical practices as we been working with fortune 500 companies for over a decade. We are looking forward to build a long term mutually beneficial relation with you, so a quick response from your side will be highly appreciated. Email us:

Work with us and you would see the difference.


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Mobile Website Design in Toronto | Responsive Web SEO

mobile website design responsive toronto

As a known fact – The web has gone mobile and we all are living in a mobile world. These days there are more users browsing the internet from places across the globe on different kind of smart devices and this trend is not gonna stop!

This market trends means a lot to the website designers and website owners like you.. It means that it is the time for you to change, redesign or completely create a fresh new mobile friendly website for your business online. This will help you enormously to extend your reach to the potential customers. With mobile phones and tablets everywhere, you must start to work on your mobile strategy.

Mobile Website Design | Toronto

To take your existing website or to create a new mobile friendly website that works on all smart devices, tablets, desktops, HD TV, and Laptops – the question is to whether design a mobile website or a responsive website that caters to all your needs?

Well the answer is a RESPONSIVE WEBSITE, since it works on all platforms including small screen mobile devices. Our website design provides greater value for your business; A rich user interface and a platform independent application with much wider user access.

We are experienced at designing for all types of mobile devices and platforms allowing people to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Responsive LOW Price Website Design

Ohh! What can we do to avoid those individuals and companies offering web design for lower price and bad services? Well, here is the answer — We are trying to guide and help everyone out there who has a small budget. Want to know HOW? Please read below:

Here at VOOFA – Web Services, we work on creating those opportunities that can easily get you started with your web presence online.

Website that usually cost $1550 is now offered for $399 with added features like SEO and Mobile friendly versions. We suggest you to have a look at this opportunity to Get Started Online! 

Here is the Link: $399 BUMPER DISCOUNT PLAN

I would like to mention some features of the BUMPER DISCOUNT OFFER here:

  • 5 Page custom HTML Website design
  • Theme Design & Color style coding 
  • Contact form for clients with About Us Page
  • Search Engine Register with 5 Locations and 5 Keywords
  • Blog Page as per requirement, Services Page
  • Mobile friendly, Resolution friendly, Favicon
  • Social Media button Integration
  • Picture Integration with Alternate Tags and more…

Get started online with the most affordable package online. This is a Limited Time Opportunity.

$399 BUMPER DISCOUNT PLAN| Custom Website Design Toronto

Our expert online marketers review each website before it goes live! 

You can learn more about how to capture their attention by sending us email to:


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Sell Your Products & Services Online. Maximize Your Reach | Gain Potential Customers

want to sell products and services online

Does your Site Rank Low? Do you have less traffic on your site? Is your Site Optimized with the Google latest methodology called LSI to Rank High?

Put an end to all of these questions. We provide a complete solution for your Online Business need.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

We bring Traffic to Your Site and rank You Top with our LSI based Google’s Algorithm at affordable rates. We use relevant and user oriented keywords pertaining to your domain and install them on your website. Our unique technology brings you to the forefront of your audience.

Our Steps and the Activities to Rank You Smart are mentioned below:

  • Keywords Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • LSI Check
  • Content Creation
  • Keywords Optimization
  • E-Book Submission
  • Press Release
  • Blogs and Forums Submission
  • Sub Domain Creation
  • Domain Optimization
  • Site Navigation and Control Flow Optimization
  • Designing of Theme based Site Architecture
  • Back Link Creation/Link Building
  • Submission to Search Engines and Directories
  • Monthly Reporting including “Traffic Check” and “Ranking Updates”

We have the experience of getting our customer’s websites top in Google and producing high revenue with top page rank.

Sell Your Products and Services Online

We can help you boost your online sales by using our 1 page technology. Please check VIRAL PAGE

This is a online lead capturing squeeze page that works with the keyword optimization. With long entailed domain names, this website drives enormous traffic and ranks on top of search engines. This includes contact forms, opt-in forms, call-to-action social media buttons, mobile friendly and payment gateway.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Whether you already have a website or you are looking for one to be designed; VOOFA – Web Services offer website that are functional, responsive and gets listed on search engines. If a website is functional with great content and keywords integrated with rich text – the website is sure to receive lots of qualified visitors traffic. This ultimately leads to sales and helps you grow your customer base.

We create websites that appeal to your business style, with intuitive layouts and flawless design. You can learn more about how to capture their attention by sending us email to:

Services offered in Toronto, GTA – Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Malton, Milton, Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the lake, St. Catharines, Ajax, New Market, Vaughan

Give What Your Customer Wants – Online Marketing Startegy

Guelph Website Design Ontario Canada

Just a short note on what your customers are looking for in your website and “How to capture their attention”.

Online Marketing for Small Businesses

97% of the time within 20 -30 sec your customer knows if your website is useful to them. These are the stats that we got from a number of Google Analytics installed on our clients websites.

So here is the deal – Give people what they want!

Customers come to your website with a simple goal: to find what they’re looking for. And if they don’t find it, they’ll look elsewhere. Get more sales or leads by putting relevant information front-and-center. Do not get carried by flashy designs or animations on your website – instead try to make your website as simple and user friendly as possible.

Custom Web Development at Affordable Cost

In our new economy where ideas rule and so many people are looking for new strategies to get ahead — the most successful entrepreneurs will be the one who takes action when the opportunity knock their door. Here at VOOFA – Web Services, we work on creating those opportunities for you. 

Get started with the most affordable package online!  $399 BUMPER DISCOUNT PLAN

Want to check our work/portfolio? See PORTFOLIO

Responsive Website Designers & Templates

Our website designer can work with your predefined templates as well as create a new website design from scratch. All our websites are responsive and search engine friendly. To evaluate and enhance your web experience online thereby increasing web traffic and online sales – following are some points that we have analysed over the years:

It is important to know:

  • Which of your website pages are most popular
  • Where people spend the most and least time on your site
  • Which pages users leave your site from (i.e. have a high ‘bounce’ or ‘exit rate’)

At VOOFA – Web Services, we create websites for you that draws a lot of attention online. Our expert online marketers review each website before it goes live! You can learn more about how to capture their attention by sending us email to:

Our team of experts will help you in achieving your online goals!

Serving Area : Guelph Ontario, Canada. | Toronto – GTA | U.S

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Ethical SEO means Better Traffic – Higher Sales! – Markham, Ontario

Online Marketing Increase traffic torontoAs per the new Online Marketing trends begin in 2014 – over 80% of people search for products/services through search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo & Bing) and buy from there online. Advertising in this online world is one of the most inexpensive and highly effective methods of promoting a business and Search Engine Optimization (SEO/SMO) for your site can increase your web visibility on Google, Yahoo & Bing and can generate better prospects traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

There is a simple equation that is applicable to the online world – Ethical SEO -> Better Traffic -> Higher Sales.

As you know Google is continuously updating its algorithm in regard with TOP 10 rankings for the websites in different niches. Therefore, it becomes important for you to optimize your website for better Search Engine Listings. By having a well done on-page optimization, a good off-page link building process and a targeted email marketing campaign you can make a difference for your website!

Increase Website Traffic & Grow Customers with Increased Sales

If you are interested in improving the position of your website for the key terms that most of the online visitors are searching for, then feel free to check out our search engine optimization services and price plans. We do this better than 99% of other providers and are cheaper than 100% of them.

We will analysis your website and send full SEO proposal with plan and activities which will be implemented on your website. The idea is that after a website is well optimized, the benefit consists in the increase of links, direct traffic to your website and also higher rankings in search engines.

Lowest Price, High Quality SEO | Website Optimization

VOOFA – Web Services prides itself for our ability to deliver high-quality, affordable results.  We are one of the very few companies which offer organic SEO Services with a full range of supporting services such as one way themed text links, blog submissions, directory submissions, article writing and postings, etc. 

Though we never lock any of our clients into long term contracts, 90% never leave us!

Serving: Canada & the U.S | Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga, Markham, Hamilton, Guelph, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Oakville, Whitby, New Market, Vaughan, Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, Richmond Hill, Malton, Milton, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lakes, St. Catharines, Ancaster, Ontario Canada.

Website Design for Renovation, Construction & Real Estate Companies

renovation construction website design toronto

Do you have a website good enough to convince your customers? A website that describes your business and convey your message & Services across your audience? Do you want to see your website in Top 10 positions in Google or other major search engines? Do you want to get more targeted visitors on your website?

Well, we have the solution! We have helped many companies from Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, St. Catharines and Real Estate companies from Sacramento, Phoenix, New York, Vacaville, Louisville, Kentucky, Albuquerque, Houston etc.


We design functional websites that works on all smart devices such as Smart phones, HD TV, Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and more. One website that serves all platforms. Along with the social media buttons, contact form, galleries, service page and slider; your website becomes an online system that draws automatic leads for your business.

Real Estate Website Design is our Specialty

We will provide you the best quality Website Design that will help you deliver extraordinary services to your clients. We currently work with some of the major construction & renovation companies in the North America (Canada & the U.S). We know your audience and we can help you get to the next level. For our success story, please check SUCCESS STORIES (Construction & Renovation)

VOOFA – Web Services is known for Real Estate Website Design and Promotions. We offer Property Software and Special portfolio design for Real Estate Agents.

For Small Businesses – Web Development

We are offering Small Business Website Design Pack for only $399. Details below:

Economy Pack: This is a perfect website design pack for new start-ups. Where new ventures are looking to get started online – Our comprehensive advanced package deal gives them 5 page design with Social media tabs integration.

Along with Blog and Contact Form for your clients, this pack comes with a search engine optimization tool. The first of its kind pack for small businesses, it provides 5 enhanced keyword analysis and location target for more traffic.

You will get registered with Google. We will set up your emails and as a bonus you get Antivirus protection for 1 month absolutely FREE!

Get Started Now!

We are looking forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with you and your company. For more details, send emails to

Affordable And Amazing Web Design Services – Toronto, Mississauga, Markham

Website Template Design Custom

Website Development in Toronto

I’m sure you know that Website Development is a very important part of doing business these days.

Choosing the right web developer takes an expert, and unfortunately most people who need to hire a web developer aren’t experts in the area.

A good web developer will have a strong understanding of much more than just how to make a site look pretty. What about strategies to rank well on Google, provide advice on how to write so that Search Engines pay attention, Social Media strategies, making sure that the website will display well on smart phones and much much more.

Chances are if you’re shopping for a website, you’ll meet a web developer and hire them based on your gut feeling, simply because you don’t really know what to ask them apart from “Can I see some of your other work?

  • You’re looking for a web developer who knows their stuff, and takes the time to explain things to you.
  • How about a designer who makes things look REALLY good but doesn’t cost the earth.
  • What about finding someone who’ll finish on time, and set a fixed price for the completion of the work – so you’ll not get any nasty surprises (we’ve all heard about the website that took twice as long and cost twice as much as they said it would)…

SEO Services – Get your website on page 1st in Google, guaranteed! If you need to see, Please click here.

Affordable Custom Web Design Services – Mississauga, Markham, Oakville

You could trawl around the internet and talk to hundreds of web developers and ask them a list of 35 pre-rehearsed questions with the appropriate answers jotted down next to each one that you managed to glean from your next door neighbour who works in IT… OR; You can simply contact us.

We guarantee that we know the answers to all of the tricky questions on that list, that we’ll work with you closely as a partner and build your website like it’s our own.

Oh, and all those things that I mentioned before, like Google ranking and mobile phone ready websites – we do all of that as standard. It’s just what providing a great service is all about.

Our Direct Website Design Service Area Includes: Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Whitby, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Ancaster, Grimsby, St. Catharines, Niagara on the lake, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Waterloo, Kitchener, London, Peterborough, Oshawa, New Market, Vaughan, Oakville, Burlington, Guelph, Ajax, Pickering and all other 905 area and the U.S.

Anyway, it’s your choice – we’re waiting by the phone now…

Cheers! We welcome you to VOOFA family – Your new web team 🙂

Gain More Customers Online – Small Business Owners

web seo services torontoAre you a small business owner looking to increase the traffic of your website?

Would you like to be listed at the top of Google for multiple search phrases (keywords) relevant to your products or services?

If YES! is your answer then – We provide a complete solution for your online marketing needs. Check our Search Engine Optimization Services 

We have helped hundreds of small businesses based in Toronto to rank top of Google Search. This has helped them gain more customers. With our quality organic ranking the results are permanent. Our steps and the activities to rank your website include:

  1. Keywords Research
  2. Keywords Optimization
  3. Back Link Creation / Link Building
  4. Submission to Search Engines and Directories
  5. Submission to Article Directories
  6. Competition Analysis
  7. Optimized Content Creation

Feel free to contact us for more details at:

Check our Services:


Small Business Website Design Toronto

want a website design torontoIf you are looking to get started with your business online, we suggest you to: Get a WEBSITE DESIGN, LOGO, and Google 1st Page Rank SEO Today!

You can get a Website Design for Yourself or for your New Venture. We offer design WEBSITES for Everyone! Special Package for Small Businesses to get started Online. See: WEBSITE DESIGN PACK (ECONOMY PACK)

– 5 Page custom HTML Website design
– Custom Theme Design & Color style coding
– Contact form for clients
– Search Engine Optimized with 5 Locations and 5 Keywords
– Blog Page as per requirement
– Mobile Website Design FREE!
– Top Banner Design included
– Cool Styled Picture Slider
– Social Media Integration
– Picture Integration with Alternate Tags
– Antivirus security for the website to avoid hosting error

Price: $399 (one time fee) WEBSITE DESIGN PACK (Economy Pack)

New Year 2014 – Budget Your Website

web design agency torontoA very Happy New Year 2014 to everyone! We know that you love our blogs. Thanks for all your support and we promise you to deliver the best internet marketing strategy on a weekly basis. In this blog we would like to discuss about your marketing plan and proper budgeting for web development.

If you have been in the business for a while or you have started or planning to start a new venture – small, medium or large size business then, it is very important to do proper budgeting before you start spending on marketing for your products and services. The best way is to analyse the amount you would like to spend against the leads you would like to generate through online promotions.

Getting leads online in a competitive environment is not an easy task, especially if your niche online is already saturated. So, here are some steps on how to get started and budget your marketing plan:

  1. Get started with a website. Make sure this website is smart device friendly and has call-to-action. Depending upon the size of your business and the amount of services or products you want to promote, we offer different plans that you can choose from for web development. Each plan integrates top of the line features, See the PRICE PLANS HERE
  2. Once the website is ready to rock n roll, you should boost your website with rich content, keywords and search engine verification’s. This can be achieved by opting for a one time SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION PLANS
  3. Next obvious step is to get started with your social media promotions that can engage your customers in an ongoing conversation about your products and services. You can get Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter pages etc. by getting SOCIAL MEDIA PLANS

We also offer Logo Design, Brochures, Flyers, Banners, Posters, Presentations, Ebooks, and Business Card Designs to kick start your new venture. See GRAPHIC DESIGN PLANS here.

Since, we have already defined all design and online services through our price plans, it is easier for you to budget for your marketing plan for 2014. Shall you require any other help or if you have any further questions please send us email at:

Content Writing & Rich Text for SEO – Toronto, Ontario

content writing torontoYou must have heard the phrase – “Content is KING”. Well, we are talking about the text that can make your website popular on the internet and can even help you drive traffic that can ultimately convert into potential leads for your business. For any website or blog, content is the key for better search engine ranking. Whenever we build any website, we make sure that the content is packed with rich text and tags.

We offer original, well-researched articles of every type on any subject with flawless spelling and grammar at affordable prices. All articles are checked for unique content to insure that you get the quality content that you deserve. We specialize in business blog development, blog management,providing professional bloggers, and our professional blog posting services.

We know what it takes to build and maintain a winning blog & website that performs well in the search engines. Your satisfaction is guaranteed; re-writes are done at no additional cost & we never miss a deadline. Our writers & editors come from all walks of life, education levels and age ranges. We have an in-house team of writers
and dedicated editors for checking all work and researching various topics for articles and rich text for your website.

Get a fresh new website designed by us and we will make sure that the content on your website is well written and packed with rich text for search engine optimization. Check our Website Design Plans here: WEBSITE DESIGN PLANS


1. Web Content
2. Article Writing
3. Blog Management
4. Creative Writing
5. SEO Copy-writing
6. Web Site Copy writing
7. Research based writing
8. Promotional article writing
9. Business and product reviews


So, no matter what your content writing needs might be… we have solution for all. Just get a fresh new website from us and we will take care of the content. Also, please do not hesitate to talk to us. Contact Us

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Toronto

seo company oshawaWould you be interested in a possible Design/redesigning of the websites or addition feature that might benefit the overall usability and user experience which usually leads to better sales? Want to See your website on the Top Page of major search engines/increase sales from your website?

We are one of the Canada’s largest firm with finely crafted creative and strategic designers that develop SEO friendly websites to give meaning to your online business. All the developed projects cater into the various markets ranging from small to large Business Enterprises. We have a strong, highly experienced and dedicated team with relative experience in developing the websites. Our creative team is competent enough to convert your ideas into the real working websites.


Our SEO experts check your website for links, backlinks, tags and analyse the coding structure, directories, folders and files to make them SEO friendly. We have a three tier quality check system so NO compromise on quality! We offers dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) and Web design services to help you score over your competition. All we are seeking is an opportunity to amaze you with our services and with our unique technology we can push your website in forefront of your audience.

For Prices check: SEO PRICE PLANS

Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will be in touch with you shortly!


Call-to-Action Designs for Web, Print and Social Media

web design tutorial torontoAre you looking for a reliable, creative and experience team for the web designing or redesigning of your website? Do you want to put your business model and creative ideas in the design of your website? Guess what – We will match your business goal with our creative ideas!

At VOOFA – Web Services, we are a vibrant and fast moving team of professionals that surpasses customers’ expectations by consistent focus on the designing, creativity and business model.

All our website design have call-to-action formula that helps your website visitors to take action. Remember (See) – Actions converts into sales!

We have innovative web solutions for organizations including advanced database interactivity & database design, e-commerce solutions, wordpress with programming etc. We work closely with you to achieve your online goals whether it is website design, Graphics– business cards, logos, brochures, ebook editing, branding or Google First Page Rank Search Engine Optimization.

Behind each project, stands a strong team of design editors, brand managers and SEO specialists with more than 15 years of experience in SEO, Graphic Designs and Social Media Marketing. So, do not hesitate to talk to us: 

Check our Services:


Affordable Website Design – Lowest Price & Best Services in Toronto

YT1Hope business is keeping you busy! Advertising in the online world is one of the most inexpensive and highly effective methods of promoting a business.

We surf through a lot of websites on a regular basis and analyzed that despite having a great design; they are not ranking on any of the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) for most of the keywords relating to their businesses.

To solve this problem, our team started to work on the very cause of such online business failures and found that the fault lies in the website design structure, directories, folders, files, content and functionality. Therefore we came up with an affordable plan for our customers to get the best services with full SEO functionality. Please see this link: WEBSITE DESIGN PLANS

VOOFA – Web Services is a web based bespoke website design & application development company with primary envisage upon Website Design, Graphic Designing & Search Engine Optimization + (Core PHP, Open Source, iOS/iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mobile – Web Apps).

We have a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals which includes designers, developers, testers and SEO experts for creating Eye catching and SEO friendly websites. See SEO Services: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

In Graphic designs, we thrive on the idea that design makes a difference. We can provide you with a fresh, professional look and feel with a recognizable trademark to increase the Brand Value. Our design team can work closely with you as part of your marketing staff and will seek out your company’s needs to create a unified message for your business. However, the websites we develop includes:

1. Great first impression – Grabbing attention on your web page at first sight, retaining it throughout the website.

2. Good navigation and usability – Showing your users the right content, making information easy to find.

3. Quick loading – so your users don’t give up and go to a competitor.

4. Search engines to access your content – Some designs are counter-productive and stop search engines from accessing your website.

5. Get incremental traffic – High rankings on search engines mean more people to buy your product/service. The site is made in SEO friendly manner and Meta tags management module will be provided in the admin section.

So, look no further and contact us:

Virtual Assistant for Your Web Presence

website maintenance torontoAt VOOFA- Web Services, we stand behind our projects and customers. Our team of dedicated professionals work 365/24×7 to maintain and create an impact with our designs & technology. We work closely with you on your online goals.

We work as your virtual assistant to maintain your web presence. Whether it is your website, blog, social media or paid advertisements on Google Adwords, Kijiji or craigslist, our team will evaluate and promote your business in a consistent manner online.

We provide monthly maintenance for websites & Social Media – This way you can focus on what you do best and leave the online marketing and website system updates to us!

You can read more on VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SERVICES here

If you have any special requirement for your business online, please feel free to talk to us. Email:


Impressive Business Card Designs for $90

business card design torontoBusiness card is an important part of any business. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card typically includes the giver’s name, company or business affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information such as street addresses, telephone number(s), fax number, e-mail addresses and website.

Every year we design thousands of business cards for our clients. Our designs are impressive and creates impact. With the eye-catching colors and flair of visual effects, our designs attracts more compliments for your business.

You can get a call to action business card design for $90. This includes designs for both sides in printable format.

You can order them here: BUSINESS CARD DESIGNS

The Most Effective SEO Technique to Rank No.1 on Google

toronto seo companyPeople ask us this every time – What is the most effective way to rank no. 1 on Search Engines?

Well, there is no hidden secret and we don’t keep any secrets from our customers. So here are – Our Steps and the Activities to Rank You 1st Page on Google!

1. Keywords Research
2. Competition Analysis
3. Optimized Content Creation
4. Keywords Optimization
5. Back Link Creation/Link Building
6. Submission to Search Engines and Directories
7. Submission to Article Directories

These steps requires a lot of coding skills and if you are not a computer language geek then give us a call or you may be interested to check our SEO plans here: SEO PRICE PLANS

We have a dedicated team of professionals to take care of your website and social media presence. Feel free to email us to know more:

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Real Estate Website Design – Buyers, Sellers & Investors – Lead Capture

real estate website design torontoGet a fresh new website for your Real Estate Business. We have SPECIAL REAL ESTATE PACKAGE that offers Pages for Buyers, Sellers and Investors along with lead capture, email marketing and Contact forms. The website includes Video integration, Social Media buttons and call to action layout.

The website that we design for you will be search engine registered and fully optimized to drive massive traffic for lead generation. We have also incorporated the best property software so that you can upload your fix and flips for sale. This give your website visitors direct access to see your properties on sale.

Another important feature is MLS integration and cron job from your existing property database. All these features are included in our REAL ESTATE PACKAGE.

Other than the above mentioned feature, all our websites are smart device friendly and works on devices including HD TV.

So, if you are a Real Estate Company looking for a stunning website, then contact us:

WordPress Monthly Maintenance – Hack, Spam, Virus and Malware Protection

website design st. catharinesIf you have a WordPress website then you should better be cautious about the security of your website against unauthorized access, malware, spam and hacks. WordPress is an open source platform that is used by millions of website on the internet. It is a very popular platform that is liked by Google, Ask, Bing and Yahoo because of the nature of its user interface and the feature of independent blogging.

The blogging platform is used to create websites that creates a robust system for a full featured websites online. Being a popular platform for search engines, the hackers are always looking to break in and hack the website for their own use. It is unknown that why a hacker will want to hack a particular website, but the known fact is that they usually hacks them for promoting their own products and for creating mass link building. A similar is the case for website receiving spam comments.

At VOOFA – Web Services, we have found a unique way to protect WordPress websites against such unauthorized access – WordPress Monthly Plan

We offer monthly maintenance for your website protection. We also guarantee that any problem that arises due to hacks, virus or malware will be fixed at our cost. Read more about this plan HERE

Reasons why you are not getting enough Social Media and Organic Search Engine Traffic for Keywords!

seo toronto gta canada ontarioWe thought that you might be interested to know the reasons why you are not getting enough Social Media and Organic Search Engine traffic for Keywords. Following are the reasons:

  1. You are not targeting right keyword phrases for Keyword: Your SEO won’t be successful if it isn’t useful. Keyword research, as always, is critical. Focusing on long-tail keywords renders more immediate results, and builds authority that will ultimately help the main term.
  2. Content marketing performance is poor: You must earn recognition, social spread, and back links by giving away valuable information for free.
  3. Your content is not syndicated in right places: The “build a good website and traffic will come” philosophy doesn’t work on an Internet with more than five hundred million active domains. This is why even excellent content needs to be syndicated.

Google has just rolled out Penguin 2.0, which put a hurting on Keyword with number of manipulative links in profile.

There are many additional improvements that could be made to your website, and if you would like to learn about them, and are curious to know what our working together would involve, we would be glad to provide you with a detailed analysis in the form of a WEBSITE AUDIT REPORT for Keyword.

Today’s real SEO is about earning recognition, social spread, and back links through excellent content marketing. This means SEO must be ongoing, integrated, and strategic – whereas it used to be one-time, isolated, and technical.

Real SEO is the path forward for you to make a long-term investment in online marketing. Our clients consistently tell us that their customers find them because they are at the top of the Google search rankings. Being at the top left of Google (#1- #3 organic positions) is the best thing you can do for your company’s website traffic and online reputation.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to email us about your website and your project:

Do what you do best & leave the rest to the Web Experts!

update my social media marketingTRUST is the word that successful business owners believe in… They Do what they can do best and leave the rest to the experts. They trust experts opinion and use their services for improving their businesses. When it comes to web strategy, offers free consultation sessions for those struggling to setup their online presence. You can send us email to book an appointment:

Also, we offer VA – Virtual Assistance to manage websites, social media, blogs, videos, podcasts, and more. Please see our VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Services here

These services are offered on a monthly, Weekly and Daily basis in order to keep consistency for better Search Engine Rankings.

Our team of web engineers work round-the-clock to boost your web presence.


Cheap Affordable Website Design in Toronto | Mississauga | Brampton | Oakville

Toronto Cheap Website DesignAre you starting up a new venture or you already have an existing website that does not work on smart devices..? no matter whatever is your case, we offer professionally built mobile friendly SEO optimized website for all businesses and professionals.

Our websites are packed with features and functionalities that boost your online presence. With 86% of the people using mobile and tablets to find your products and services, it is important for you to get a website that is compelling to your audience and push them to take action. Yes! we are talking about call-to-action, dynamic point of sale websites that bring you more business.


If you are looking for a mobile friendly, search engine optimized website that can target your audience in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and all other 905 areas, then please click here: WEBSITE DESIGN PACK

We have launched our new website design plans and welcome you to have a look at those plans. Each plan now offers the top of the line mobile friendly and seo feature. What else can you ask for?? 🙂

With Gallery, Portfolio, SEO, Email, eCommerce and more, each plan that we are offering in our website design services are unique and will help you establish your business online.

Our goal is to get you maximum exposure online so that you can gain more customers and grow your business!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at:

How to Increase Website Traffic and Gain Customers?

massive traffic website torontoThis is the question that many of us ask everyday – “I already have a website but I am not able to get anyone on there to buy my products and services, so what the hell should I do? Should I use Google Adwords or organic ranking, better domain names or put facebook ads?

Ehh.. not sure what is the best way or are you disappointed using all the above techniques and still no results? then chances are you are not doing t right – because all the above methods works to drive traffic to any website, but the only part that is missing in the whole process is the conversion rate. Yes! I said it “CONVERSION RATE”.

Most of the time when we do online marketing using these techniques, we miss out the most important part of the game – Lead Capturing. Now, lead capturing can be done by using squeeze pages and that really helps in reducing the bounce rate since you offer something free as a gift to your website visitor in exchange for their name and email.

Well at VOOFA – Web Services, our tech monkeys have designed all in one SEO 1 page website booster. Check the feature and how these websites works to get organic traffic and capture leads. Click HERE

These 1 page website are also known as VIRAL PAGE – can increase traffic to your main website and acts as a backlinks to improve ranking on search engines. So, if you want massive traffic with proper conversion methodology check our VIRAL PAGE services.

NO Privacy with Gmail – Google, class action Lawsuit

search engine optimization mississauga“This news doesn’t seems good!” was the reaction by millions of people using Google Services – Gmail (Google Mail). In the latest claim made by Google in court filing in attempt to head off class action lawsuit, they stated that – “don’t expect privacy when sending to Gmail”. This was shocking! to many of us, reason whatever emails are sent out and are received by any gmail user has NO PRIVACY?

People sending emails to any of Google’s 425 million Gmail users have no “reasonable expectation” that their communications are confidential, the internet  giant has said in a court filing. Consumer Watchdog, the advocacy group that uncovered the filing, called the revelation a “stunning admission.” It comes as Google and its peers are under pressure to explain their role in the National Security Agency’s (NSA) mass surveillance of US citizens and foreign nationals.

“Google has finally admitted they don’t respect privacy,” said John Simpson, Consumer Watchdog’s privacy project director. “People should take them at their word; if you care about your email correspondents’ privacy, don’t use Gmail.”

While the news seems untrue and there is more research that needs to be done before making a decision on whether to use Gmail or not but it seems that Google spokesperson have made some corrections to these claims such as – “We take our users’ privacy and security very seriously; recent reports claiming otherwise are simply untrue.”

Whether believe it or not the speculations are going on around this true/untrue claim. R u a Gmail user? if YES! then its time to do some homework… 😉