Why you should never use WIX (wix.com) for your web design?

Knowledge BaseCategory: Website DesignWhy you should never use WIX (wix.com) for your web design?
VOOFA Staff asked 12 months ago

Are you wondering why marketing experts and web developers avoid WIX (wix.com) for web development? Find your answer here…

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VOOFA Staff answered 12 months ago

Since their inception into the web development arena, Wix.com has used Flash Technology that is not compatible with smart devices such as iphone and android. This was a major setback for the wix team and they decided to push HTML websites in 2012, but no matter what the wix team tried, their interface is not something that can produce websites compatible with Google Search Engine Algorithm. This results in poor ranking leading to no business leads for you.

Building your website on wix means that you are using their hosting and interface and you own none in the end when you decide to move away from them – not even your own content. Other than that Wix sites have loading time error. Therefore, it is recommended that you should get your own domain and hosting and build an independent site that you can move over to any hosting company of your choice if you ever decide to move away from your existing hosting.