What is a DDoS attack? What do the hackers want?

Knowledge BaseCategory: Website DesignWhat is a DDoS attack? What do the hackers want?
AvatarToronto Web Design | SEO Experts Staff asked 3 years ago

Did you got hit by DDoS attack? Learn what it means and what does the hackers want from you. Learn here…

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AvatarToronto Web Design | SEO Experts Staff answered 3 years ago

DDoS also known as DOS attack or Denial Of Service attack is a severe hack on WordPress websites that compromises the files, folders, mySql database and creates multiple hidden users. The hacker installs scripts throughout the web directory and no matter how many times you scan with antivirus or in many cases try to delete the folders, new folders keeps on getting uploaded automatically due to such scripts. Once the site is hacked either with Brute Force attack or vy abusing the vulnerabilities of plugin, theme or wp login page, DDoS attack begins. DDoS uses multiple computers, internet IP addresses and networks to send bot traffic to the hacked site which abuses the memory (RAM), processes and bandwidth of the website thereby shutting the site due to heavy traffic load. This way the hacker shuts down your website operation. The only way out is to rebuilt the website from scratch, reset the server settings to a fresh account and disengage the domain for atleast 15 days for the traffic to lower down to bare minimum. There are other ways to restore your website but you must hire an expert for 100% protection. We offer website hack removal and website maintenance services. Please check them out here.

What do hackers want by shutting down your site?

The answer is pretty simple. We have seen cases where hackers have asked for huge amount of ransom to stop the bot traffic. There have been cases of money extortion via DDoS and Brute force attacks. Some hackers will abuse your website to redirect it to other websites where they want to send traffic trying to make it look legit for search engines so that the end website can get higher ranking on search engines.