If you are new to the website world or you already have an existing website where you’re selling a product or service but your online presence is stagnate, and you aren’t making any sales, even though your service and product is in demand, then it is time to educate yourself.

Can you answer these questions?

– Is your website productive?
– Are you really making a ton of money from your site?
– Do you have a product or service everybody would want but just can’t sell it?
– Have you found other people in your industry doing well but not you?

and… if you have
– No strategy in place to grow your online business
– No idea how to get traffic to your website
– No idea or steps to optimize the site correctly for better traffic flow
– No idea about the search engine optimization methods

Look no further because this 10 step formula will teach you the strategies that the top internet marketers have been using for years to monetize their products and services online thereby building their multi-million dollar empire. The techniques mentioned in this formula are proven and tested by experts.

This unique 10 step formula will make your marketing initiatives rewarding by giving you easy-to-follow, step-by-step techniques to build your website, your content, your follow-up campaigns, social media tips, search engine optimization rule set and more.. No advance degree in web technology is required.

Gain More Customers Online | Complete Blueprint

  • Website design tools, smart layout, CMS, and call-to-action techniques
  • Content creation, placement, power of rich text and scripts
  • Social media marketing tips, automation, link back process
  • Understanding Google® keyword optimization, Analytics® and Webmaster®
  • Free and paid advertising techniques – Adwords®, budgeting, Facebook®
  • Email Marketing, Campaigns and Design
  • Sale Funnel and Traffic boosting Formula
  • Niche Targeting, List Building and active promotions
  • Dynamic Customer Retention and more…

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